review – Is it a scam?

I really hate it when some one solicits you via email messages and then attaches this message to it!

If you do not want any more emails from My Free Adboard
you can remove yourself by clicking the link at the end
of this message.

This is how introduced themselves to me via email and it disgusts me. I don’t spam people’s emails with my messages and I expect the same kind of respect. is sending people spam messages which in my book makes them a complete scam.

Personal thoughts regarding and what they’re offering

A site like My Free Adboard is built on sending spam and their program will do little to help people get quality traffic to their site because all the people that will sign up for their program will all be there for promotional purposes. Personally I would never sign up to MyFreeAdboard and I think that’s why they’re spamming my email.

Final thoughts regarding

My advice to anyone reading this is stay far far away from based on what they’ve done to me they might also spam peoples email on your behalf as well. Also there are other ways to get traffic to your website fast without sending out spam. Any positive reviews of should be questioned I do not recommend them and I do think they’re a scam.

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