I thought Buying Crypto Hardware Wallet Was a No Brainer: Crypto Bankruptcies Chip Away at Customers’ Anonymity – December 27, 2022,


I remember first hearing about Binance and these other centralized exchanges and crypto trading platforms and saying to myself, well, this is definitely not how I would evolve the crypto industry, but whatever, decentralization has a mind of it’s own, so allow the market to evolve as it will.

Anyone one of the first things to happen in what I thought was a decentralization revolution was CENTRALIZATION. So while I was buying a Crypto hardware wallet almost everyone else as I assume joining platforms like FTX. While I was trying to educate myself about crypto, others were trying to get rich off of crypto.

While I was talking down the get-rich-quick crypto crowd and promoting the purchase of a Crypto hardware wallet others were watching Stephen Curry and Tom Brady and doing what their favorite celebrities were doing.


So when I read the article below, “I says to myself, I says”, do people not comprehend what decentralization is all about? I’m trying to avoid litigation; I’m trying to avoid conflict or being anywhere near any tyrannical government; I thought this is what crypto was all about. As usual, I was wrong; not only was I wrong, I was very wrong.

What Would Crypto Look Like Without Centralized Exchanges Like FTX? | finance.yahoo.com

Courts being in a court is very time-consuming; one of the things that I like about some undeveloped nations is the anarchy; if you’re a thief in certain undeveloped regions on this planet, and you’re caught, you’re killed on the spot. To save money and resources, the government of most undeveloped nations will typically only get involved if it’s absolutely warranted, and even then, the government of undeveloped countries will seek to “solve” the problem as soon as posible.

Meaning people like Sam Bankman-Fried, who is a THEIF, would have likely been “dealt with” accordingly by the locals. Housing thieves in jail is expensive, prison guards need to be compensated, and in most undeveloped nations, the only financial benefit to being a cop is having law enforcement powers that others LEGALLY don’t have.

But even the cops in undeveloped nations have to be wary of the people because if an outstanding group of people in a region decide to make it their business to target law enforcement because law enforcement is targeting the god people of a region, law enforcement is not only underpaid but also powerless to stop the people. Real power to the people is in decentralization, NOT centralization.

Crypto Bankruptcies Chip Away at Customers’ Anonymity | wsj.com

I thought this would be common sense, but whatever, apparently humans have their own way of evolving industries; I accept it for what it is, but allow me to peddle my own a agenda for moment. If you like crypto, I think you should consider Crypto hardware wallet. Join the rest of us who don’t look at crypto as a get rich quick scheme.

Our revolution is that hard work should be properly compensated all over the world. Let’s stop allowing the lazy amongst us, who, by the way, have the right to exist; let’s stop allowing the lazy and criminals to steal our wealth. Sam Bankman-Fried, a very smart young man who was very LAZY was a thief. Even if Sam Bankman-Fried imagines the Far-Left political agenda to be “just,” he shouldn’t steal from others.

The problem with centralization is that it attracts CRIMINALS, I hope this is a lesson learned! Centralization is theft!

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Interesting times ahead!