Review Is It a Scam?

If you’re wondering if is a scam thankfully the answer to that question is a big NO! However the question on most peoples minds is – is it worth it? In my personal opinion although which is currently owned and operated by Intersections, Inc. whom you can read about either on their website or at the better business bureau offers a service which I feel has value. Just from my perspective doesn’t provide enough value for the price they’re charging

What I mean by that is in my opinion if you want to protect your credit signing up for the
Equifax Complete™ Premier Plan is all you really need. Plus when you sign up for the Equifax Complete™ Premier Plan you get the following:

Benefits Include:

  • Lost Wallet Assist: One-stop assistance in cancelling and reissuing your credit or debit cards, driver’s license, SIN cards, insurance cards, passport and traveler’s cheques when your wallet is lost or stolen
  • WebDetect™ (Internet Scanning): Receive alerts when we detect your personal information (e.g. SIN or credit card number) is being used on the Internet
  • 24/7 credit monitoring with email notifications of key changes to your credit profile
  • Unlimited Equifax Credit Score™ and Report
  • Up to $50,000 of identity theft insurance†
  • View how your score trends over time

You may have noticed that I highlighted the “Up to $50,000 of identity theft insurance” portion. Well I can’t find where offers a similar type of insurance or financial compensation? As of May 2015 in regards to any form of insurance states the following:

“If your personal information is ever stolen while you’re a member‚ we will do everything we can to get your identity back so you can continue living life on your own terms.”

They go on to say and you can read it for yourself by going to their website

Personal Recovery Assistance
If your identity is ever compromised, it can really impact your sense of security. Our trusted experts are ready to guide you through the process of recovery and resolution. Just call 1-888-297-5094 and ask to speak with our Consumer Fraud Resource Centre. They’ll provide one-on-one guidance to help you cancel your credit cards, advise you on any next steps you should take with your lenders and local police, and give you the insight you need to help you get back what you’ve lost. vs. the Equifax Complete™ Premier Plan

Nice words but I personally see the Equifax Complete™ Premier Plan as superior product. furthermore…

Most of major Canadian banks like T.D, Royal Bank, Scotiabank prefer equifax reports over transunion. Furthermore credit unions and other schedule 2 and 3 Lenders that operate in Canada typically hold Equifax credit scores in much higher regard than they do transunion.

With that said I’m not saying and their “2-Bureau Credit Monitoring” service isn’t good I’m just saying for the average person the Equifax Complete™ Premier Plan is more than enough and also offers customers more value for their money.

In America it’s common to hear about Identity theft insurance companies offering “$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance” however in Canada we have a lot of protections in place protecting Canadians from Identity theft. Sure our system isn’t perfect but most credit card companies and banks already have some form of theft insurance built into their fees, which is why the I.D theft insurance market hasn’t taken off here in Canada the way it has in the States.

With that said with homeownership on the rise and so many financial transactions being done online I suspect in the future this industry may get a bit more competitive. But for now I will end by saying based on my review is not a scam it is legit however based on my reviews I won’t be recommending them at this time.

Any questions or concerns you have regarding should be addressed to them directly let me also add that while Equifax Canada has a physical location as of May 2015 has a P.O Box location

P.O. Box 3020, Postal Station D, Etobicoke, ON M9C 4V5

As of May 2015 best I can tell has a lot of happy customers and some great reviews.

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