If Albertans are Unwilling Secede or vote for Bernier bickering over transfer payments is a waste of time it’s in the Canadian Constitution – October 18, 2021,

As an Ontarian, I find it funny that most of the most egregious acts of tyranny in Canada thus far regarding Covid-19 happened in Alberta. An Alberta judge ordered a Calgary-based street pastor, his brother, and an anti-mask cafe owner to “preach science”. So that gives you an idea of the mentality of some Albertans

Anti-mask activists ordered by Calgary judge to preach science, too | cbc.ca

Jason Kenney the current Premier of Alberta was born in Oakville, Ontario, and being honest he reminds me of an Ontario Conservative Party member, all talk no action. When Stephen Harper was Prime Minister of Canada, low voter turnout numbers were the root cause. Currently, Justin Trudeau although unpopular is unbeatable because Conservatives still have low voter turnout numbers.

Although some Conservatives want to accuse Maxime Bernier of splitting the vote, the reality is that most of the people who are voting for Maxime Bernier probably wouldn’t have voted for the conservative Party anyway, similar to the Liberals, the Conservatives have their faithful voters and then there are the independents that need to be inspired to vote for someone.

This move by Jason Kenney regarding transfer payments is purely a political protest and it’s rather silly. Maxime Bernier and the PPC have laid their plan to address transfer payments, if Albertans don’t like that plan, the other option is voting for a secessionist Party, but that of course, runs the risk of a potential sacrifice of allowing the NDP to win another 4-year term.

Even in Quebec, the separatists don’t win Provincial elections, I personally take provincial elections far more seriously than Federal elections. So in my opinion, if Albertans want change, during Federal elections there are only 2 options, Maxime Bernier or a separatist party. In the meantime, Jason Kenney time would be better spent educating Albertans about LIBERTY instead of wasting time complaining about something Justin Trudeau can simply ignore.

Alberta’s vote on whether to reject equalization is about leverage, premier says | cbc.ca

Interesting times ahead!