If The World Is Going To End Via Climate Change Champagne Socialism Will Accelerate Our Demise: Trudeau and Biden are Subsiding Russia Energy and Chinese Manufacturing – October 29, 2021,

The adults in Canada, see through the corporate welfare climate change agenda, but as we know, Canada’s mainstream media has to be careful how it frames its arguments regarding the political climate change agenda because after all, they work for companies, that have to appease the apparent desires of the general Canadian population. Furthermore, as we’re observing Left-Wing politicians are trying to make anyone not parroting Left-wing talking points an enabler of “Hate Speech”.

Because believers of small government have been unsuccessful in distancing or distinguishing themselves from Fascism also known as National Socialism, the Democratic Socialist types often attempt to label Libertarians and Fascists as one and the same. Know even if you don’t consider yourself a Libertarian, maybe you’re independent like myself, the moment, you start to sound like an enemy of Left-Wing politics, you’re automatically labeled as racist.

This is one of the reasons that many people who know what’s happening in the Canadian economy often remain silent, because, I mean why destroy your livelihood? Those who are ignorant to what’s happening aren’t going to learn Austrian economics in a day, a week, or month, or in a lifetime. so what remains is what some label Milquetoast conservatism.

Caspar Milquetoast

wind blows Caspar Milquetoast’s hat off his head onto privately owned grass and Mr. Milquetoast’s first thought is to buy a new hat

Caspar Milquetoast is a Cartoon character and in his cartoon series, he’s a Timid Soul. I personally thought that Erin O’Toole could have beaten Justin Trudeau, but then he opened his mouth and when he opened his mouth because Erin O’Toole served in the military, his unnatural timidness came across like a Hitler in disguise. I remember listening to Erin O’Toole and feeling terrified that this lunatic could win an election, and what’s worse is that if he wins Conservatives might lower their guard.

At least with Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister, believers of Liberty are on high alert, I’m certain that most independents saw in Erin O’Toole the exact same thing I saw because Erin O’Toole did worse than Andrew Scheer. Knowing Maxime Bernier had a ZERO chance of winning the election or even his own riding, over 800,000 Canadians voted for the People’s Party of Canada. Why do I bring this up? Because Martin Pelletier wrote a very interesting article about climate change.

Now, I’m a former environmentalist, corporate climate change is a scam, I’ve seen up close, I’ve experienced it, I label it corporate climate change, because I was around when OPEC countries began financing it. OPEC countries began financing corporate climate change, because Developed nations were catching up, corporate climate change really took off after Al Gore signed up, because similar to former Prime Minister Jean Chretien who became a lobbyist for the Chinese Communist Party, Al Gore brought CREDIBILITY to corporate climate change.

This effort has been so successful that corporate climate change is no longer allowed to be questioned, it must be implemented or humanity faces doom. In developed nations, as we know, a diverse energy supply would cut emissions faster than corporate climate change ever could, but Champagne Socialism would love steam if the market was allowed to solve the problem.

The STATE wants to take credit for solving the problem because as an example, most Canadians can’t imagine life without universal health care, you’ll often read stories from Canadians bragging to Americans how great it is that they can demand the government take care of their health needs without any apparent out of pocket expenses.

This is indeed an example of the government taking credit for services delivered by the market. Because it’s not like the government has much if anything to do with Canada’s universal health care system, most of the people/businesses paying for health care don’t even use it. But the mere fact that the government installed that fear of a market-based health care system, has created generations of Canadians who are scared to imagine life without the welfare state.

So when you read the article below, the writer instead of telling his readers what should be common sense decides to take a detour and try to convince the reader that it should demand the government that it apparently trusts should do things the way the writer imagines? Why aren’t professional journalists attacking these problems head-on? Well, it’s because they’ve dissolved into derivatives of Caspar Milquetoast.

When you’re a believer in liberty, freedom and EQUAL justice for all, you accept election losses and allow your fellow country-people to learn things the hard way, but you speak your truth because if you practice as a professional writer or journalist to write, speak or behave in the manner the your opposition prefers, you risk you losing your ability to formulate a comprehensive argument.

Who cares if your opposition disagrees, or that your ideas are hated by the masses, we’re supposed to be living in a FREE society. If Canada just came out of a war, even I could understand why some people would like some socialism in society, some people imagine government as s source of security, but if society is free, and I disagree with a big government I should feel the liberty to speak out against growing the size of government.

Well, in the modern era, there is no war, neither China nor Russia want to expand their borders beyond territory their governments consider their own, and instead of assisting the world by becoming manufacturing and energy-dependent, via our Champagne Socialist political leaders, we’re becoming dependent on Communistic countries that don’t share our values. Instead of riding the world of OPEC, were helping to make OPEC even more stronger.

Now, sure the Left-Wingers who don’t see economics as an important factor in their fight for climate change will disagree with us, but who cares, we disagree with them and they need to know why. There’s no reason to skirt around the issue, we’re losing the fight anyway! At least when hyperinflation inevitably starts to be a possibility, we would have made our positions clear, so that in the event opinion shifts, Canadians will know the exact reason why corporate climate change DOES NOT WORK!

Please Canadian journalists stop with the pandering! You’re not helping, you’re not converting anyone! If people believe in corporate-climate-change, they’re not going to stop believing in it when you pander to them. Tell your side of the story and allow them to observe for themselves how dumb corporate climate change is. Eventually, these young, impressionable kids who’ve been brainwashed by climate change and the Welfare State will eventually get old one day, and by that time, the government will most likely come up with a brand new scam, put yourself back when you were young and easily manipulated, remember how stubborn you may have been?

Some people will refuse to be curious, a lot of humans die ignorant, that’s their choice, but when you know something, spread your truth, because that’s how you get more people to understand how destructive central planning is to humanity!

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Interesting times ahead