If there are Shortages and Consumer Prices in Canada Skyrocket after January 15 it will be entirely Justin Trudeau’s Fault: Canadian truckers crossing U.S. border now exempt from new COVID-19 rules – January 13, 2022,

The United States recently excepted Canadian truckers from being vaccinated crossing into the U.S, so in the event prices and shortages happen in Canada, it will be Justin Trudeau’s fault entirely. Canadian truckers via Canada’s tyrannical Federal government will be forced to get vaccinated or be fired.

In Quebec, the idiots in charge of that province decided to force health care professionals to get vaccinated many quit because of it, and because Quebec is short-staffed their tyrannical government created curfews and even proposed a law to tax and fine Quebec citizens who didn’t obey government covid edicts.

Shortages are usually the result of government rules and regulations, capitalism brings about abundance and lower prices, socialism and Big Government creates scarcity and higher prices. Anyway, long story short as of the publication of this blog post, any shortages you see in the Canadian economy are the direct result of Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical government trying to force Truckers to be vaccinated.

If Trudeau doesn’t back down, you’d be wise to stock up on food and other essentials, because although things might be fine, there are no guarantees and because of existing laws Canadian consumers already have FEWER options to consume food than Americans have, and now Trudeau will make it so fewer truckers can deliver food to you.

One other thing you’ll want to pay attention to is if Joe Biden is forced to end the mandate leading up the 2022 election, Politicians are scumbags and if Americans don’t like the truckers mandates, Biden might ease them to get votes for the Democrats in 2022, Trudeau is in office for at least another 3 years, he has ZERO incentive to ease up on the mandates, even if Canadians can’t eat.

To date, the tyrannical Quebec government has yet to allow unvaccinated health care workers back to work even though covid cases are skyrocketing. This is how demonic politicians are and you’d be wise to look at the situation for what it is and not what you’d like it to be.

Canadian truckers crossing U.S. border now exempt from new COVID-19 rules, feds say | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!