Imagine The Labor Unions Didn’t Destroy General Motors: Ultium Batteries, Cheaper electric Chevy SUV coming with price around $30,000 – September 7, 2021

Being a Canadian one of the most annoying things I hear is that the Japanese make better cars than Americans. I always reply with why is that? The idiots usually reply with some vague ignorant answer. The reason the Japanese make better cars than America is because of the labor unions, labor unions DESTROYED Detroit.


GM is in the business of making cars, the Unions turned GM into a political issue, and the bureaucracy associated with GM, Ford, and Dodge allowed Japanese auto manufacturers to flourish. To avoid bureaucracy most U.S auto manufacturers began outsourcing, anyone dumb enough to believe that GM wanted to outsource transmissions, engines, etc. is out of their minds. U.S auto manufacturers in order to remain competitive basically had to shoot themselves in the foot.


When it comes to manufacturing a car, the last thing you want is unexpected labour disruptions, trying to avoid these labor disruptions is one of the main reasons why Ford as example voluntarily stopped growing in size and why GM which took the opposite approach expanded into China all of this happened because of labor unions.

Anyway, GM still managed to create Ultium Energy, “GM’s New Ultium Batteries or the Ultium platform is a nearly wireless battery management system (wBMS), meaning that in addition to having 90 percent fewer wires than other vehicle battery packs, the units are more easily recycled and are 25 percent lighter and smaller overall.” if you’ve ever been inside a Tesla, it doesn’t only look heavy it feels heavy and it’s heavy because of the battery packs, furthermore god forbid your Tesla starts giving you problems, it’s not a cheap car to fix and it’s a very filthy car because I don’t know how you recycle most of the parts in a Tesla.

With that said I like competition and prefer cars which also include Japanese and European cars made in North America. I’m hoping future generations don’t fall for the labor union stupidity that plagued my generation. The success of these Ultium Batteries isn’t guaranteed, but I’m curious to find out how good this technology is because it would be a definite game-changer if successful.

Cheaper electric Chevy SUV coming with price around $30,000 |

Interesting times ahead