a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

In 2015 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to end all long-term drinking water advisories on First Nations by March 2021-His government failed to meet that deadline – April 2, 2022,

In the defense of the current Prime Minister of Canada, he was just as dumb in 2015 as he is in 2022. There was 2 reasons Justin Trudeau had a majority in 2015, the first reason was Canada had grown tired of Stephen Harper and the second reason was that Justin Trudeau will go down in history as one of the first Federal Politician in North America who legalized marijuana. I know personally a large number of single-issue voters who voted for Justin Trudeau for the simple reason that he legalized pot.

The other stuff Justin Trudeau promised for the most part went on deaf ears, Canadians have become accustomed to Liberal politicians redistributing resources from the productive to the unproductive, the problem with the clean water issue is that he requires highly skilled individuals to not only install but also MAINTAIN!

Justin Trudeau’s weakness is the economy, it always has been, I don’t even think Justin Trudeau realizes what he and Chrystia Freeland did when they confiscated the DIGITAL bank accounts of their political enemies. Because both Freeland and Trudeau grew up in political families and we’re relatively spoiled human beings, neither can comprehend how hard many of us work for our money and the psychological effect of knowing a politician can steal quite possibly everything you’ve worked for WITHOUT a court order, simply because you participated in a protest that made Trudeau look bad.

I bring this up because politicians, in general, are idiots, but the dumbest of the dumb politicians have no comprehension of the INCENTIVE motive. The real problem with fixing the drinking water problem in many of these First Nations communities is the MAINTENENCE. The reason why most governments don’t like to get involved in building housing is the maintenance costs.

An unexpected rupture can happen at any time any machine for any reason, meaning that there will need to be someone on-site, to deal with that potential problem if it occurs. Furthermore, because of prior failed government promises, a lot of these First Nations communities have become rather hostile towards to anyone they imagine is coming from the government to fix their water problems.

So when the individuals do show up, they’re not always welcomed with open arms, some are met with hostility and you have to remember that most of the people contracted to work on these sites, don’t specialize in customer service. As a former blue-collar worker myself, some of us are a$$holes, some of us merely want to do our jobs and go home, some of us don’t want to have people over our shoulders critiquing everything we do.

When Justin Trudeau or any politician makes a promise, that requires someone else to do the heavy lifting, it’s unlikely said politician will comprehend the actual details of the promises they’re making. First Nations communities have been lied to about how a market economy works, for many First Nations people, they wait on the government to deliver, but as we know, the government often outsources its problems to private companies.

Currently, it’s hard for the Ontario government to get Nurses to Rural communities, imagine getting an Engineer to live in or nearby a First Nations community? Most engineers can command at least $100,000 per year in Canadian or U.S dollars. In Toronto, there’s a shortage of elevator repairmen, why? Because if you’re an engineer, becoming an elevator repairman, might be the last thing you want to do.

When government people especially spoiled brats who are now adults, make promises, they’re imagining themselves as Kings or rulers who can command their subjects to do whatever they say. Canada is still a relatively free country and the more talent it requires to do a job, the harder it is to find an individual who is willing to put their lives on hold to do that job.

For the people ignorant of the specifics, they assume that this NDP-Liberal merger will solve the problem, but this is because most people with white-collar jobs, often ignore the realities of being a blue-collar worker. Blue-collar workers aren’t your slaves, even if a blue-collar worker vote for Justin Trudeau, doesn’t mean that they’ll imagine themselves doing his dirty work.

What Trudeau is looking for are highly skilled individuals to make lifetime commitments, basically putting their lives on hold for a political promise, in which they’ll get no benefit, and in fact might be blamed if something goes wrong and they don’t respond in time.

So how this works in political terms is if Trudeau’s government contracts my company to fix this water problem, I fix it and maybe something happens to it, where it stops working and I don’t show up in time the First Nations community deems acceptable, now you have to remember, I might have other contracts, that I need to fulfill, I may have my own problems, and going to these remote reserves isn’t easy, nor is it cheap.

Furthermore, I may have to make more than one trip if the problem is something I didn’t expect There are all of these variables, that can occur, which makes the job more challenging because it’s in a remote area. It’s not like I can stop by a Home Depot and find the parts I need. Furthermore, the actual person who did the original installation might not be the same person who does the maintenance.

Even rural communities have these challenges, which is why small communities usually have to be self-driven, self-taught, and self-educated. The reality of the situation is that the government should be trying to teach these people to either lease their land or educate them on how to build and maintain their own water supply.

In a market economy, private, profit-driven companies will often help these communities in exchange for a lease to use their land. This is how civilization flourishes. The problem is that Left-Wingers demonize the private sector and because a lot of First Nations leaders like Left-Wing governments, they’re often confused as to how Canada flourishes because the presentations the NDP and Liberal governments will give to the First Nations communities is that the Federal government will solve their problems as long as the First Nations support their political aspirations.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when he was first elected in 2015, promised to end all long-term drinking water advisories on First Nations by March 2021. His government failed to meet that deadline.

Hajdu hopes long-term boil water advisories lifted by 2025, end of Liberal-NDP deal | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!