The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

In The End, The Threat of Secession is the best option for a fractured Alberta, but a provincial police force and a provincial pension plan would be a good start before Ending Equalization – December 30, 2021,

First and foremost in the modern era, Conservativism is globally is dying, because most Conservatives are actually Classical Liberals seeking to CONSERVE Western values. The modern Liberals are Leftist-Socialists many of whom embrace Corporatism which is merely economic fascism. In response to the modern Liberals push to normalize corporate welfare, the modern Conservative Parties in Canada and even the United States, seek to make sure they have a better brand of Corporatism than the modern Liberals and this of course leads to the cult of personality that’s being pushed by the mainstream media elites.

Justin Trudeau is easily the most corrupt Canadian politician in the history of the Federation, but because there are so many Canadians in debt and reliant on the government to survive, his overt corruption doesn’t matter. The Liberals presently don’t even feel the need to think of a replacement for him, actually it’s unlikely the Liberal Party has a replacement for him.

The current deputy prime minister of Canada Chrystia Freeland, comes across as condescending and for myself at least has one of the most annoying voices I’ve ever heard grace a microphone. Would Canada be willing to accept her as Prime Minister? I’m not sure, but she’s next in line based on what we know of her, she’d be bad for the economy of Alberta.

The real question to ask about Alberta is what is the message that the people can rally behind? If you were to ask me, I’d tell you the answer is Libertarianism. It’s the only message that makes any sense for people who hate big government in Canada. The problem with Libertarianism is that as I’ve stated, most Canadians Albertans included have embraced corporatism in their political philosophy, so Libertarianism for most Albertans sounds a bit too extreme.

Because Libertarianism is too extreme, most Albertans are still looking for the right cause to rally around and this of course is why it’s easy for the Leftists to stomp out any political movement in Alberta. Before Alberta can even think about negotiating with Ottawa it needs its own police force. That should have been goal number one, even if it meant their police force had been the highest paid in the country.

After the police force is formed I’d hold off on pensions, because that would be a liability for the provincial government, after establishing a police force, that’s when I’d go after equalization and sell Albertans on how ending equalization can go into a starting an Alberta pension fund. it would be dumb in my opinion to have your own pension plan and still be forced to pay equalization? At the very least having their own police force could offset equalization payments.

The Federal government is trying to kill Alberta’s economy similar to what happened in B.C. British Columbia should be Canada’s richest province, it’s coastal and is abundant with natural resources, what makes B.C expensive is the amount of taxes that the province pays, B.C nationalized car insurance? Only a lunatic Leftist could come with an idea so stupid.

A lack of competition in key areas of the B.C economy fuels their unnecessarily high cost of living, but worse than the high cost of living is the mentality that comes along with it. a lot of people only know big government, this is even a problem in Alberta, we need all of these big government services to make our lives better, and to get rid of these big government services would be too risky?

If Albertans are unwilling to embrace Libertarianism I don’t see how they can push back against Ottawa. In the modern era, the only successful secession movement for People looking to conserve Western values will come from Libertarianism. If you’re unwilling to push the Libertarianism movement, which is mostly about educating people about freedom and free markets, don’t bother talking tough, because one wrong word and your movement will be dead on arrival.

As was the case with the Quebec Secession movement, your followers must be allowed to imagine what secession looks like. What stops the Quebec secession movement from being more successful is that most Quebecers TRUST Canada’s welfare system better than they’d trust an independent Quebecs welfare system. I’d argue Alberta has the same fears, most Albertans are scared to leave Canada because they’re landlocked.

Switzerland which is also landlocked is one of the richest nations in the world? Why because of their economic policies, you have to embrace free markets if you’re a landlocked region meaning that you have to educate the people as to who wealth is generated. I find that the average Canadian who may even identify as a Conservative has little knowledge about how wealth is created.

What this means is that an Albertan will be easily spooked into abandoning a secession movement, which equates to the current Liberal strategy of avoiding talking about Western Canada being a success.

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