Review – Is it a scam?

Inbox Pounds of is a rewards site available to people in United Kingdom. Just like any rewards site, Inbox Pounds will pay you for doing activities online that you usually do for free. These include reading mails, playing games, and for answering surveys.

Signing up at Inbox Pounds is free. Registered users will be rewarded with cash for every task they do online. Inbox Pounds let you earn extra cash by reading mails, searching the web, taking surveys, playing games, and many more.

What are Rewards Sites?

Rewards sites such as Inbox Pounds are websites that let you earn cash or certain material gifts for doing things that you usually do online. These sites would either ask you to download a software which will track your activities online or send you surveys and promotional offers in your email. Although these sites are legit and really reward you for your time, it takes some time to reach the amount needed before one could cash out.

In Inbox Pounds, one is rewarded with a small amount (just cents) for the tasks performed online. You can only cash out when you’ve reached 20 pounds, which may take some time to do it.

Final thoughts on

Some people accused these reward sites as scams because it takes some time before they can actually earn something from it. Thus, before you sign up in this kind of site, make sure that you use an email address different from your personal mail. One thing to note too is that this will only provide you with extra cash, not really meant to replace your full-time job.

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