Increase Web Traffic Fast and Free

Before i begin there are several ways to increase website traffic fast. I’m going to go into the non targeted ways first and then go to the targeted ways to get traffic fast. By fast traffic i mean within an hour or 1 – 3 days.

Non Targeted Traffic

Traffic Exchanges: traffic exchanges are the fastest way to get non targeted traffic to your website. Traffic exchanges are a good way to get the word out about your business. On the flip side traffic exchanges are NOT good traffic methods to use if your intent is to sell something online. As most of the people on traffic exchanges are there to promote their own websites or there favorite websites. Also if you have adsense or an adsense like program on your website do not use traffic exchanges to get clicks as it violates the terms of service agreement.

When choosing a traffic exchange website it’s recommended you go with the larger more established 1:1 traffic exchanges so you’ll save allot more time through out the day. I’m not big on traffic exchanges there are only two i recommend at the moment those two are list below


Traffic Swarm

If you want fast traffic exchange like traffic without the hassel of having to click links there is another service you might want to consider how this service works is one provider spreads your links over several different traffic exchange type sites for a small fee ranging from $5.00 for 10,000 visitors to $1000 for a few million visitors in ranges, if you have a site that is FREE to join in which you want people to sign up for it they also specialize in that service as well. I’ve been using them for clients as well as myself from time to time for about 6 years. The website ain’t pretty but there service has worked for me on quite a few business ventures the link is below

Planet Traffic

How To Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website Fast

Pay Per click Marketing

If you’re an affiliate marketer looking for traffic and you have money and hope to work from home one day i highly recommend you get into Pay Per Click Marketing in some way shape or form. Google, Yahoo, Bing and several others offer free credits for your first campaigns. pay Per Click marketing is how i make my living.

I will tell you the secret to Pay Per Click marketing and it’s very simple yet it’s very broad. Pay per Click marketing works in specifics unless you have a ton of money to waste you have be specific when selling your products. Many of pay Per Click campaigns don’t evening have landing pages. I actually hate landing pages. This mostly has to do with the markets i choose and how specific i am whenever a target a market. Example of being specific with a market. I currently live in Toronto Canada. First off i’m an affiliate marketer now lets say i want to sell Chery car parts, First and foremost, since i am selling chevy car parts i have to break it down to what chevy car part i am going to sell and what chevy car part i am going to sell. Ok Chevy tires is that specific?No. what kind of tire and is it all season, summer or winter tires. I am selling to people in Toronto which is known for it’s snowy winters(although i havent seen much snow yet) so i sell winter tires, is that specific enough? no. each campaign i run is for a specific tire for a specific brand. Why? because then I KNOW the customer is there to either buy and find out if this is the tire he or she is looking for. Next time your doing a search think about what i just wrote here you’d be surprised how high my ROI is.

Anyway the point of you being here is to get website traffic fast i am supposing you already have a website if don’t click here make use of the free adwords and PPC credits try to apply the knowledge i gave you above and don’t be afraid to lose money every click won’t equal a sale, you goal is to make more money than you are spending also if your looking for free Pay Per Click training click here

If you’re looking for easy inexpensive web traffic I recently wrote a post about that click the link to visit that post.

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