How To Increase Web Traffic For Free

There are so many ways to increase web traffic to your website for free i will list a few starting with the fastest way and working my way in to the quality ways to increase your web traffic.

1.) Traffic Exchanges, This method is slowly going to become extinct in my opinion as search engines and social media sites alike increasingly become more friendly. None the less it’s the fastest way to get traffic an example of traffic exchanges in action is Easyhits4u and Traffic Swarm both of them have upgraded features but i don’t use them.

2.) Getting a blog or participating in some sort of blogging community such as, blogger, or squidoo. It’s a good idea to write blog posts at these places about a topic yu like and then supply a link back to your website or your affiliate website.

Also you might want to check out some free advertising blogs like which has prove to help increase web traffic for a number of affiliates.

3.)Exchange links with websites that are simular to yours this can build strength in the search engines. Personally i think this method is losing strength but none the less it has worked for allot of people.

4.)Post in forums, forums get picked up search engines very quickly and by signing up to popular forums you can easily get allot of backlinks. One thing is make sure you either post questions are contribute when using this method because you might get kicked out for spamming. It’s a good idea to go into a forum and post a question like the one you are search for now. You want to make sure you have a signature in your post as those tend to get picked up by search engines the fastest.

5.) Directories never under estimate the power of search directories to increase web traffic for free. is good place to start this process. Although you might never get excepted it still remains tops in terms of getting strength behind your website.

6.)Ezine Articles writing articles is a great way to increase traffic to your website. is an excellent place to start as well as go articles is pretty good also. Write articles there and in your signature have a link back to your website or affiliate program. It’s a good idea to make sure the topic you write about is related to your website.

7.) Classified Ads the perfect place to start is the advertising forum and also consider craigslist although use caution when using craigslist. Don’t sound or be to spammy.

8.) Twitter, Myspace, Facebook DO NOT ignore social media especially twitter i keep hearing people talk about facebook, facebook, facebook, i keep telling people twitter, twitter,twitter. as a matter a fact feel free to follow me i will follow you back,  you can follow all my blog posts. RichInWriterss also here’s my Facebook. they both increased my website traffic by 10%

9.) Last but not least I’m sure you know to submit to all major search engines. Anything i left out will be on a future posts really there are plenty of ways  increasing website traffic for free just put your head down and get to it. The more you do it the easier it becomes.

Also be sure to sign up for a google analytics account so you can track your visitors and where they are coming from and if they are staying and how long thy are staying it helps a ton. I don’t know what i do without it.

please leave any comments below.

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