Increase Web site Hits Free

If you are looking to Increasing web site hits for free this tells me you are working on budget and thinking smart. Now although i recommend Pay Per Click marketing if want to make fast money, Free website hits can and have proven to be good sources to bring in revenue.

Increase Web Hits Using Traffic Exchanges

Now a traffic exchange is the worst place to find targeted traffic non the less it has proven to be the best place and the fastest place to drive traffic to your website both fast and for free and is an option to consider if you want to taste what having website hits feels like. When choosing a traffic exchange you want to choose a very active traffic exchange such as easyhits4u and traffic swarm both who boast well over 200,000 members strong.

Increase Web Site Hits Using BUM Marketing Method.

Now obviously i am not going to go through the exact details of how b.u.m marketing works but simply put you drive traffic to your website by writing blogs and writing articles in article directories. When using this method it’s always a good idea to have your own website. Can you afford $13 if you answered yes you should seriously consider reading my post about setting up a website with hosting for only $13 usd for one full year. I am certain you will make back your money in no time. You can see that post by clicking the link below.

Increase your web page hits using Social media

Twitter are you using it I sure am i have all my blog posts link to my twitter account and my following continues to grow. What about facebook, myspace, have you joined them yet these are huge communities all with individual groups that can greatly increase the number of hits you get to your website. As well consider Craigslist as an option just try not to be too spammy.

Another place not be over looked is the advertising forum that’s the easiest place to get a back link to your website. Have you started your own blog yet. Be sure you do. Blogger or wordpress are great places to get started as well as both have there own communities,

On the topic of forums it’s a good idea to get involved in forum that relates to your website when you do this make sure you find and attach your signature this way when you make a post on a forum people will see and many times click on a link leading back to your website. If the forum doesn’t allow signature links don’t waste your time.

Also a place seldom talked about are google groups look it up and get right in on the action get in where you fit in and meet like minded people it’s actually quite fun and you can learn allot by joining groups as allot of people tend to give great input as well as you can promote your website just don’t be spammy don’t join a group just to sell to people because they will see through you also provide input into the group.

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