Increase Website Traffic Information

Depending on the type of person you are you might find this information useful and you might not. When talking information about increasing traffic to my websites I want immediate traffic. I like the B.U.M marketing methods and all the other simular and slower techniques like the next person but apart from this blog i tend to stick with Pay Per Click Marketing. I am in all the major pay per click marketing methods heavily in google adwords and i am also in social media pay per click advertising.

Most people call Pay Per Click marketing risky but to me I find SEO (search engine optimization) more risky, SEO takes allot of time we’re talking month’s to sometimes years here and not only that it can be all over with one little mistake made by you or a site you might be affiliated with. On the other hand with Pay Per Click as long as you are targeting your keywords and also not promoting a scammy product you have nothing to lose.

If you are an affiliate i would recommend using a landing page if you are promoting a scam product sorry to sound so raw about it but most of the people that get  smacked in pay per click marketing are promoting scams, and for what ever reason they feel as though because they are paying for that search engine traffic that they should be entitle to do and say anything they want on there ads, and also lie to customers to get a sale.

When i use pay per click marketing i tend not to use landing pages because for one i am a lazy guy and two i don’t promote scams on Pay Per Click.  Another thing people complain about when it comes to pay per click is click fraud. This is like the biggest B.S Rumour online. The bottom line is yes some people are going to click on your ads sometimes just by mistake sometimes it’s fraud but it’s not that much and it’s not as common as people make it sound. When you ad all the numbers TOGETHER it sounds large but there are Hundreds of thousands of people using Pay Per Click it’s going to happen there’s fraud in every industry.

Increasing Targeted Traffic to Your Website

You have to target your customer and not only that you have to make sure the customer has a pleasant welcome once they land on your website. When you look at your website does it look like what you are selling? when you see your website does it make you feel comfortable? Do you feel like buying to feel in the presence to buy something? When you get your website does it make you want to pull out your wallet? these are questions you must ask yourself and look into whenever building a website, promoting a website or working as an affiliate for a website or business.

I am a affiliate marketer that’s how i make most of my money online. Whenever i promote a program or company their website has got to look good. I don’t care if they are selling the best thing on this planet they better have a great looking easy to navigate website. I go with my gut instinct most of the time, if i hit a web page and i feel a little nervous or eager feeling i know the site is a winner, it’s kind of hard for me to explain. But it’s been working for me ever since I joined Profit Lance I just sort of know if a site will work for me.

I highly recommend getting into Pay Per click marketing of some sort if you want to increase your website traffic, get used to PPC marketing there are plenty of targeted keywords that you can get cheap, you can try b.u.m marketing on all those programs if you want but you will have to wait in line and not only that once you do make the search engines you will have another problem which is staying in there. That’s actually the toughest task and the end result is usually allot of time wasted and earning potential no where near where it would have been had you just learned Pay Per Click marketing in the first place.

When talking about SEO i feel like saying would you rather walk or fly taking the route of SEO is walking and Pay Per Click marketing is flying i’m sure deep down we all know this but at the same time most people are too scared to lose money in Pay Per click. Either good luck to you!