How To Increase Your Website Traffic Overnight

Receiving Website traffic to your website is an interesting  journey, web traffic in theory is really easy but as most of us know most people are afraid to lose money. That being said i challenge any website owner take on the investors mentality. I know most of you reading this have seen those make money online sales letters where the “so called guru” says to his readers that he or she spent thousands of dollars to develop website techniques to make himself a million bucks and that he will sell them to you for a small fee of $97.

Adopting The Investors mentality to get website traffic

The part in my opinion you should pay attention to is the amount of money the so called guru spent to make that million dollars not only the money by the trial and error it takes to make a living online. Basically that’s how this stuff works. I say this mainly to set you up for the most rewarding way to increase targeted traffic to your website. Would you like to work from home full time? No really do you really want to work from home full time? Because if you do I highly recommend you learn Pay Per Click marketing. The best place to start in my opinion is Microsoft adcenter or Facebook ads.

Microsoft adcenter is desperately trying to get people to use their pay per click service which i can honestly can say is one of the best for me. Mainly because the competition is so small and they will keep sending you specials. Facebook is another good one because you can target your customer so well. Google adwords is one of my favorites but the one thing people need to understand about Google adwords is that google is cares about it’s searchers. Meaning if you’re website is not providing a good experience for your PPC searchers your account will get the good ole Google slap. In a nut shell Don’t use Google Adwords to promote scams especially in general markets. a General market is make money online or lose weight. My view comes from my personal trial and error.

Alternative ways to Increase Website Traffic Overnight

When writing i like to explain things from my perspective. I do this mainly because we are all different and we all promote different websites and offer different things. These other traffic method are methods i use to basically get people talking about my website. I love Banner advertising, The reason i love it is because it just sits there and stares at you it gets into your brain it makes you curious, a good banner advertisement can get people to laugh and stir up emotions. One day the person will click that banner or investigate and find out what it’s all about.

If you have a great product Banner Advertising can EXPLODE your business The first place i’ll mention is a place called Planet Traffic I mainly use this company for Banner Advertising, but they do offer a ton of other traffic related features such as paid to sign up, and basically website traffic, One thing i will say and i say this as a frequent advertiser of theirs is do not purchase more than Email Advertising to 10,000+ members. I also don’t recommend purchasing anything more than Email Advertising to 5,000+ USA Members because the most open emails i have personally received is 2500 from the U.S.

Use Planet Traffic only if what you offer is free to join and is in the “make money online” niche. Users of Planet Traffic have seen it all so if what ever you’re recommending converts well their it should convert well anywhere in that targeted niche. To get the word out about my website i also use pop under traffic. First of all i have to be honest and say pop under traffic is not the best traffic in the world in fact its possibly the worst converting traffic online but that being said i have received subscribers using this method so its worth a try. I personally recommend because it’s the cheapest one available and it’s legit.

Also one thing i like to do to track my stats on both of these sites is using a url cloaking short url program like that way i know that i am getting my clicks. DO NOT use to track your stats because your link can be deactivated which means you will lose allot of possible sales. It’s happened to me i’ve seen it happen to others avoid it at all costs. Please leave comments or questions below.