Review Is It a Scam

Personally I find websites like quite interesting mainly because they’ve been around so long and still to date have terrible rankings on keywords you’d expect to them to rank well with like Search Engine Optimization. Now in my opinion there is no way a company could survive online for so many years (14 years) and be a scam. On that I would also like to say that any company that’s been online for 16 years will have some complaints it’s impossible to think that on the World Wide Web there won’t be unhappy customers.

Google has unhappy customers, Facebook has unhappy customers even Twitter has unhappy customers or users so when you see complaints about any company it’s a good idea to do the math of how long they’ve been doing business compared to complaints. That being said has some SEO prices that make me honestly scratch my head and wonder. I’ve done SEO work for my websites in the past and never have I seen prices like that.

Understanding Quality Search Engine Optimization

Now i will be honest with anyone reading this in my personal opinion its best to invest in learning how to do Pay Per Click marketing reason being is because you have allot more control search engines change all the time websites have been wiped out overnight just because of a simple algorithmic changes. When these changes occur you find out how good your SEO team really is. Now from my past experience having a quality search optimization team means you have one or five guys that are personally responsible for the success of your website.

These people will go after all areas of the internet to maximize your search engine results in the shortest amount of time. They won’t only get you back links but they will write about your website in places where it matters. You will often hear me writing about worthless back links. Having a back link that receives no clicks is a worthless back link. It doesn’t matter where it is. Also having back links that no one uses can actually assist your website in getting banned or devalued by the search engines. Google is not stupid; they monitor what happens in their search engine especially in heavy traffic areas.

I know there are allot of people who believe in folklore and think if they pay someone enough money that they can get a top spot in Google and stay there but no one can help you do this Google owns Google and Google’s number one objective is to be the number one search engine in the world period point paragraph they do this by helping their searchers find what they’re looking for. Now of-course there will be some that will slip through the cracks this is inevitable but I hope you get my point here. can they be trusted

I’ve personally never used I Need Hits’ SEO service but I suspect it’s an average SEO service which might be able to get rankings in the search engines over time in way for them submitting your website to multiple destinations.’s best SEO service is called their “Professional Optimization Package”. All a person needs to do is read it what it says. The unfortunate part is that most of the people who sign up to the service are probably not aware of what Quality SEO work consist of.

That being said I personally don’t think is a scam but I personally would not use them for SEO work. I also have another rule it’s a personal rule and that is I don’t sign up with companies that don’t except PayPal. Especially when it comes to monthly subscriptions, I had a horror story with a company called SWREG. This company did not allow me to cancel my subscription for THREE MONTH’s, This company had no customer support, they didn’t return emails they didn’t return calls or answer phone calls for that matter I had to complain to my credit card company to get my own money back.

So unless a company accepts PayPal the answers no from my end I say this mainly because I noticed has allot of monthly subscription packages. I read some of the complaints and they were regarding re-occurring billing so if you sign up for their services I advise you to ask them how you cancel if you are not satisfied. On that note because I’ve never used the service I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt please leave any comments about the service below by doing this you help others in their decision making process. Good luck

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