INFINii Review Is It a Scam? is a network marketing opprotunity that is capitalising on things people already do… Shop online. They have a unique approach to Multi Level Marketing(MLM) where they put themselves in the middle of transactions, whereby they’re able to create income from the convenience fees they charge to their members.

There are people that are against MLM however it should be pointed out that Amway is still going strong. Sure most multi level marketing companies fail but a lot of businesses in general fail. Being that INFINii is a multi level marketing company it’s advantage is also it’s disadvantage. INFINii’s commision and fee structure is something that I question most, it doesn’t seem stable and actually looks quite vulnerable in my opinion.

INFINii and Fulfillment By Amazon

If you know anything about Amazon which is something Jim Cockrum and his Silent Team focus on, you’ll get a much clearer understanding of what INFINii is doing with their Multi Level Marketing scheme and why INFINii will make more sense for people who like the Multi Level Marketing model and not so much the people that would like to make money from Shopify, Amazon and eBay.

When it comes to Network Marketing I always think it’s better for the Network Marketing company to create it’s own products and grow that way. If you go to Amway as an example Amway focuses on selling Amway stuff. Avon is another, Avon focuses on selling Avon stuff. Sure this is approach of selling your own branded products is considered the longer road but once the BRAND is embedded into the consumer’s head you have a strong independent Network Marketing company with it’s own following and stronger valuation.

INFINii from my perspective is putting itself in interesting terrain where Amazon, eBay and the other companies it works with will have control over its destiny. Furthermore if you know anything about Network Marketing you know most people tend to drop out if they’re not getting any sales or making any money, to compound this problems INFINii has monthly fees, fees to use their wholesalers which are independent of Amazon or eBay fees.

Furthermore like I said above Amazon or eBay have a way of distancing themselves from entities they feel are taking competitive advantages away from their service.

With all that said based on my reviews INFINii is NOT a scam. I do think it’s legit I just think their cost to do business is very high, and most of the services they offer I consider to be conveniences of no real tangible value. Which from my perspective leaves them with the only portion that I see that has value which is their Network Marketing/ Multilevel Marketing component. Which is what INFINii seems at least from my perspective; concentrated most on selling to people.

Final thoughts regarding INFINii

INFINii is a good opportunity for people interested in Network Marketing / Multi Level Marketing. INFINii could also be helpful for people who want to make an income online by referring others to INFINii.  Based on the presentation I was shown INFINii has multiple income streams that their upgrade members can capitalise from, also it should noted that INFINii has conveniences that can make an online seller’s life a bit more easier.

Joining INFINii does come with a price and they also do an excellent job outlining their fees making things very easy for interested customers to visualize and comprehend. As of January 2016 INFINii has three different levels, all with their own set of fees

  1. Prime $49.99usd per month – prime fee = 3%

  2. Surge $149.95usd per month – Surge Fee = 2.5%

  3. Excel $399.95usd per month – Excel Fee 2%

Those prices above don’t include fees charged by Google, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Overstock or any of the other companies INFINii claims to work with. It should be noted however that INFINii does an excellent job showing you what your profit would be if you make a sale selling something or referring someone.

The great thing about Network marketing is that you have a team of like minded individuals working with you, wanting you to succeed, because your success if you’re in their donline is their success. The bad side to multi level marketing is RECRUITING. INFINii created its brand and it’s the members and their downlines responsibility to market and advertise the company and keep the company afloat. Being that as a member you’ll need to pay a monthly fee to promote/market/advertise them and use their service you can see why most multi level marketing companies run into problems.

What I really don’t like about INFINii is that I don’t see the value, I see a lot of holes in their business model and if they become successful I can see several competitors easily filling the gaps in those holes. What I do like about INFINii is they’re pretty transparent, most network marketing companies make a killing off margins  which they won’t show to their members. INFINii doesn’t seem at least in 2016 to have anything to hide which I find refreshing.

Thanks for reading feel free to leave a comment or any experiences you may have had with INFINii. Any questions or concerns you have with INFINii should be sent to them directly as I have no affiliations with them. INFINii has a phone number online support and a mailing address all currently listed on their website.

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