Is Infinity Downline a Scam

Nope! Infinity Downline is at the top of pyramid waiting for you to find them recruits, Infinity Downlines risk is next to nothing because they have RECRUITS doing all the hard work for them, because of these recruits Infinity Downline has people building their reputation and there business name. Where does that leave the person who signs up? It’s funny because the person who signs up winds up being in the same position as an EMPLOYEE except unlike employees the RECRUIT has to pay a monthly subscription fee of $25. How lame is that? Imagine the Infinity100 people they pay $100.

The skills you might need if you join InfinityDownline

You can bring a horse to water you can’t make them drink All I can say to you is only join Infinity Downline if you understand how to do Internet Marketing or Marketing in general. I am NOT a member of infinity Downline I NEVER will be the idea alone depresses me I honestly feel sorry for people who fall for this stuff this is why wrote this. But at the same time to each his own; if the program interests you give it a try.

What do I recommend?

I recommend Freedom Teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime.

If you seek real freedom I have a recommendation for you. First and foremost my way will most likely take you about 3 month’s to get the hang of, it’s a lot of information to take in. Secondly you will have to try not to be lazy for a change. The real reason most people aren’t making any money online is because they want someone to do it for them.

There are steps to making money online and the first step is to get an overall view of what’s going on. Some of you think there’s a rich guy behind the scenes pulling all the strings but this is not the case in fact majority of the time majority of the big launches are done mainly to help automate someone else’s business.

If you’re interested in learning how regular everyday people are making money from YouTube, please visit the Work From Home page. It’s easy and it’s completely free!