Review Is It a Scam

There’s plenty of scams out there many out just to take your money and run so before signing up for anything it’s important you know what you are getting. If a website or a company online cannot explain what exactly they will be providing to you then I don’t recommend signing up with them. Also be careful of trial offers as they tend to have a lot of fees on the back end.

In the case of it seems to be a legit program it’s not the route I would have taken for myself in terms of selling on eBay but at the same time what works for me might not work you. I prefer going straight to the source and working with the source. But some people would prefer a system to follow in which case seems to have a pretty good one in place.

However if you prefer to get drop shipping resources I recommend Salehoo I’ve been using them for about 5 years now and sources continue to get better and better. Currently I do not drop ship as I have my own shop in a flea market in which I use to sell items that I buy wholesale. I got the idea to do this from Salehoo and found them to be an honest directory of legit sources.

On the flip side if you’re looking to sell name brand items understand that most drop ship companies only deal with those that have an established reputation or business so if anyone is making it seem like you can sell the hottest new Nike shoes with no investment this is not the case. Bigger companies deal with the professionals. The good news is that most people use eBay to buy the knock offs. When I started on eBay and was selling iPods those babies use to go like hot cakes. The brand was a no name brand but it looked just like the real thing did the exact same thing the apple iPod’s did the difference was I could sell them a lot cheaper so people who were shopping on a budget would do business with me.

All in all seems to be a legit business it’s just not the route I would take.

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