Review – Is it a scam?

Inspired Opinions of is a market research website from Schlesinger Associates. The company is the leading market research provider for over 40 years.

Market research companies have been employed by many business owners to get varying opinion from different people. Their ideas, in turn, are used for coming up with marketing plans and even for designing or improving their products and services. Market research is also one of the popular and most common ways to earn money online.

More about Inspired Opinions

Joining these market research companies is free. These companies often pay you with either cash or gift cards in exchange for your honest opinion on certain products or services. With Inspired Opinions, you will be rewarded with Amazon gift cards from answering their surveys.

These gift cards will only be rewarded to you once you have accumulated a certain number of points. One hundred points in Inspired Opinions is equivalent to $1. You can only redeem your gift card once you have reached $10. You can continue accumulating points to redeem higher value cards.

These points can be earned not just through answering surveys sent through email but as well for those you can take in person at opinion panels or on telephone surveys. You can also earn points through participating in their forum and by maintaining an active profile.

Final thoughts on

With the way it works, it seems that is a legit company to do your paid surveys. Bear in mind though that the opportunities presented by these market research companies are not meant to replace your day job. They are just good to supplement the income you get from your full-time  job.

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