Review – Is it a scam?

Instant Cash Sweepstakes found at is a market research business that provides its members with surveys to complete. Various companies are paying this website for these surveys, using the responses elicited for their future marketing decisions. These surveys are these companies’ tools for their own market research.

How It Works

Users of Instant Cash Sweepstakes will be provided with surveys. By completing these surveys, members will be provided with lottery tickets, coins, and even instant cash prizes. Every member can then complete 5 surveys in any three-hour window period.

Coins and tickets awarded in exchange of every completed survey can be used to win cash prizes in the website’s lottery. If you won any ticket or coin, you will be automatically matched to whatever you have earned except for the $50 daily lottery. Coins can be submitted to participate in $2 drawings which are conducted every 4 hours.

Members can win more tickets and coins by inviting friends and family members. Cash winnings will be paid only thru PayPal but only if you won over $600. Submitting the form 1099 for tax withholding purposes will be required before the cash winnings will be awarded.

Final thoughts on

With the way it works, seems like a legit website that awards its members for completed surveys. However, unlike other websites that also offer paid surveys, Instant Cash Sweepstakes does not directly pay its members with cash. Unless your purpose is to earn immediate extra cash, this website can be a great way to spend your idle hours online. Who knows, you might just be their next lottery winner.

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