Instead of more taxes and regulations how about normalizing interest rates: Toronto councilor pushes for speculation tax to cool ‘insanity’ of escalating real estate prices – December 6, 2021,

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could blame capitalism for this high housing prices disaster? Unfortunately, we can’t because as everyone knows, capitalism is DEFLATIONARY, there is no CENTRAL BANK in a capitalistic economy, there is no rule by fiat currency in a Capitalistic economy, BANKRUPTCIES are how capitalists deal with stupid problems like the ones we’re having in Canada’s socialist real estate “market”.

I don’t know how anyone calls what’s happening a real estate market, because as we all know current Prime Minister of Canada even with the assistance of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) which last time I checked was supposed to be collecting INSURANCE payments for times of crisis was bailed out with mortgages deferrals and The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

These hopelessly indebted mal-investors are now being rewarded with higher real estate prices and what does a Toronto councilor imagine as a solution? Request the Bank of Canada Normalize Interest Rates? No, Never! Instead, this City Counsellor who could easily score some political points by blaming the Federal Government instead imagines that higher taxation will solve the problem?

I imagine Toronto Coun. Mike Colle probably doesn’t understand that the taxation won’t be passed onto the general public? People tend to forget that the CMHC exists as a bailout mechanism when the housing “market” crashes. That’s what it’s there for, a portion of CMHC exists to insure mortgages? Now, sure it doesn’t represent all mortgages in Canada, but if the Canadian housing market crashes, and/or interest rates shoot up, not only would homes be worth-less, but monthly mortgage prices will rise? This ultimately will equate to defaults, it’s because I think maybe 55% of Canadians own their homes outright and there’s nothing intelligent about a real estate speculator purchasing a house or condo without a mortgage.

In case people aren’t paying attention, every time the Canadian housing market is about to crash, the government comes to the rescue, so why play these silly childish games? Socialism is all about rewarding bad behavior, that’s why people abandoned it at one point, the intention of these socialists is not to reward bad behavior, socialists imagine themselves as egalitarians, the problem is that life is the best teacher, not flawed men and women who imagine that a select few should decide who wins and who loses in the economy.

In a market economy, when you spend beyond your means, you’re not rewarded, you’re punished, socialists don’t imagine this market system to be fair because of “INSERT SOCIALIST ANSWER HERE” so here we are, people making money in the Canadian real estate doing what any person with common sense would do, knowing that the Canadian dollar will likely be debased, they’re buying up as many of what they imagine will be cash flowing assets as possible.

Just as I suspected, it’s unlikely most people will even remember that the government caused this disaster and this is why I suspect the economy in Canada and many places around the world will enter into a phase of ECONOMIC deflation and nobody will understand why. In this era of cheap fiat money, economic deflation can be hidden from plain sight with consumer price inflation. But please don’t forget that the higher consumer prices get, the more deflation it’s going to cause because more money with the ability to purchase fewer goods and services is DEFLATION!

This is how hyperinflation is created, in the face of deflation, more money will be flown into the economy to prevent the economy from collapsing, which under this fiat system equates to Canadian dollar debasement. I’d like to add, that the forex exchange markets, may actually REWARD the Canadian dollar, meaning that Canadian dollars might have more value OUTSIDE of Canada than they do inside of Canada. Of course, this is all nonsense, but fiat money, is of course a confidence game, and the Canadian dollar is considered one of the world’s reserve currencies. So in closing don’t blame the real estate speculators for getting ahead of what appears to be an inevitability.




Toronto councillor pushes for speculation tax to cool ‘insanity’ of escalating real estate prices |

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