Instead of repealing Bill 124 how about we allow some competition in the Ontario Health Care System so COMPETENT nurses can make more money in the Private Sector – January 8, 2022,

So yeah, if you’re looking to make more money via your labor, I’ll always have your back, the people I wish made less money were these welfare leeches and Politicians that Canadians love so much. Some of the people on Trudeau’s payroll make $20,000+ PER MONTH, with a mouthwatering pension. That’s utterly ridiculous, but you see, Canadians love them some big government, and people on Welfare can vote. So yeah, you’re damn right, if I could, I’d ban people on welfare from voting for politicians! This is part of the reason Canadian labor is getting screwed over.

Because Canada has Universal Health Care, Doug Ford has a budget, and because of the lack of options under our Universal Health care system, the profit motives don’t exist and therefore innovations that exist in the United States that help to lower the cost of living and even help nurses to make more money, can’t exist in Canada. In Canadian hospitals, a welfare leech can get their own personal bed and have paid nurses looking after them, without paying a cent.

In America, if you want a private room, with a private bed and personal nurses you’d better have some insurance or pay out of pocket for those services. As we know Americans shoot each other a lot and have you noticed that you don’t hear about poorer shooting victims in America paying out of pocket for medical bills? It’s because there are incentives for charities to finance hospitals in the United States.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, America’s health care system is far from perfect because the U.S government has tried to intervene, its interventions have led to an increase in medical costs. In Canada, because we’re idiots, our government negotiates with Big Pharma on our behalf, the provinces are in charge of distribution and once the money runs out, the Provinces then have to run a deficit, which the average Ontarian will say, well, what’s the big deal, let’s go into more debt, which I reply, sure, but I remind you that servicing debt takes from nurses pay and these welfare leeches are UNPRODUCTIVE and welfare leeches tend to visit hospitals the most, which increase the debt and make it even more difficult to give health care professionals a much-needed pay increase.

Now if let’s say welfare leeches got universal health care, but there was an option for people who can afford to pay for health care to do so, not only would the nurses benefit, but there would likely be more innovations in Canadian health care services. As you’ll notice in a lot of Canadian hospitals, there’s a lot of inefficiencies, a lot of the laws written in Canadian health care are done with a narrow point of reference.

A government monopoly equates to little incentive to innovate. If you can’t afford it, you make due. I remember going to a hospital in Ontario and the disrespect I observed with how some patients treated our nurses angered me. There’s this sense of entitlement in Canada, that allows welfare leeches to imagine that health care professionals are their personal slaves.

Well, problems are often solved in a voluntaristic society in which people comprehend that nurses and other health care professionals are providing you a service that’s not a RIGHT. You’re not entitled to someone else’s labor, a health care professional s NOT your slave. If you’re not understanding what I’m alluding to, if you go to a bar as an example and you’re disrespectful to the staff, the bar owner can ban you from ever coming back.

In Canada, one of the reasons, Canadians abuse the health care system, is because they imagine it as free, the resources and health care professionals as abundant without emotions or a soul. It’s unfortunate that so many Canadians are brainwashed by big government because nothing annoys me more than slavery. Now, I get it, that most health care professionals, don’t understand what freedom and liberty are, but most people understand money and that’s part of my reasoning for framing this post in the manner I did.

Yes, I consider the position Ontario’s nurses are in as a form of slavery, right now they’re in an excellent negotiations position, they have the right to demand more money, look at all of these stupid regulations they have to adhere to. Theresa Tam was appointed by the government to serve as a chief public officer earning a salary that ranges between $226,100 and $265,000 annually. For those of you who can’t do the math, Tam makes $18,000+ per month, to make the average health care worker’s job more difficult? Why Can’t the people who have to work under her idiotic recommendations, be compensated for the inconvenience?

And I don’t care about the dancing TikTok videos, Nurses should be dancing, the government created the pandemic, I remind people that Sweden never had lockdowns! When most people get a cash windfall or have extra time on their hands because the government made a stupid pandemic decision they dance! Some Canadians have been rewarded with a cash windfall for doing NOTHING during the pandemic, I 100% agree that Health care professionals should have been making a lot more money during this pandemic.

Theresa Tam is on the Federal level, she doesn’t have to pretend to care what health care professionals are going through, she’s good, her bad decisions don’t affect her salary. But clearly, fatigue is setting in with nurses who are banned from wage increases, which is why many aren’t showing up to work. In response a piece of shit Health Minister named Jean-Yves Duclos wants to now force vaccinations, meaning that health care professionals may soon be forced to inject people with substances they don’t want in their bodies?

Again this is clearly Big Government over-reach, but when you’re a Big Government, welfare-loving leech, anything goes for a government paycheck. So privatized health care would be nice, I hope the nurses continue to demand higher pay, they’re being forced to work harder, they should be paid more, I’d much rather have the option of private health care, but is Canada there yet? It’s unlikely, but that would be the best path forward to a much-needed pay increase for our competent health care professionals.

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Interesting times ahead!