Internet Kill Switch Bill

I’ve written about this before and we go again. This is one of the main reasons you will see me attacking scams on the internet. The reason why i try to expose scams on the internet is because what allot of people do once they get scammed is they report it to the government. When this happens things like “the internet switch bill” start to make sense to people.


Why people put their trust in politicians is beyond me. Have people ever really been through the legal process before? do people really understand the amount of time it takes government to handle situations? The government has always been a bunch of incompetent imbeciles. Has anyone been reading about whats going on in Louisiana, Have you seen photo’s of the “Louisiana oil spill” yet if you have not you need to click here Now.

What Is the Internet Kill Switch bill

The government now wants to control the content you are seeing on the internet. People nationwide have been saying China is taking over America and oddly enough the internet Kill switch bill is an idea that comes from China. Yes China Communist China your United States government is now following in the direction of CHINA!.

If they regulate the Internet, the internet will be similar to Television if they regulate the internet this also means corporations will soon take it over. If they regulate the internet the public will see what the government allows them to see. My gosh America please wake up. I hate saying this but allot of these Obama administration tactics sound allot like Hitler. What happened to taking our troops home from Iraq. Why is America still in Afghanistan. Now we are talking about a war in Iran.

Internet Kill Switch Do you really get what they are doing???

Many of you that are new to the internet might not really grasp what i am saying here. But the bottom line is they are trying to control the information you are reading or seeing. If that doesn’t sound like communism I don’t know what does. They are trying to turn people into Robots and those of you awake to what i am saying have got to do something about it.

We are all going to have to come up with creative solutions to awake the public on what is going on. Some of you need to read the real story about the Jewish holocaust in Germany and  how it started. It didn’t just happen over night like some people thought in fact it was gradual thing. This is very similar to what’s happening right now from Bush to now Obama “Iraq has Nukes” now America’s fallen for Obama’s “change”. People need to wake up and they need to wake up fast. Those of you aware of what’s going on need to come up with creative ideas to combat these problems we are facing.

We need a spark, something simple that will awake the masses, we also need it to be non violent. we also need to have a solution present that is sound and that doesn’t scare people. People don’t like drastic change i know intelligent Americans can come up with something but they need to get the ball rolling immediately.

Please pass the message along to your friends and get the word out. America your country has been HI-JACKED by Corporations & Bankers consider this a warning…