Internet Marketing Success – Its Not about The Sale its about The Refund Requests

If you are going to get into internet marketing you have got to learn about the key ingredient and that ingredients is refund request. I get allot of people that ask why do people create scams online and why do people promote scams online? The answer is Refund requests. Scammers don not honor refund requests and if they do they make nearly impossible for people to get a refund. When scammers do this they get support from top level affiliate marketers.

Brief history on the Google Slap

Let me give you a brief history about Google Pay Per click or Google adwords. You will often hear top level internet marketers say Google is not what it used to be. This is a lie Googles goal has always been to be the best search engine. If you want to be the best at something you have to have some integrity meaning you won’t allow scammers to take you over. This is in my opinion is the real reason why advertisers started receiving the google slap. Most people that claim to use Pay Per click do not really use it or i should say they don’t really understand it. Because if they did they would have known this. Google unlike other search engines listens to consumer complaints. This is the number one reason why Bing and Yahoo can’t seem to get it together If you want to scam people in PPC use Bing and Yahoo, scammers love them lol.

People to this day still think in order to get ranked in google you need get back links or get SEO help or other things of nature. Although these things do help you… the bottom line is if your website is angering people google is going to give you the Google slap or blacklist you. In order to be the best you have to look out for your customer or in googles case your searchers.

Its about all about the Refund request

When you decide to become an affiliate marketer to avoid the hassle of promoting a different product every week or month I recommend finding a GOOD product or a bunch of good products and focus on promoting those. It saves you time it saves you energy and you make money more consistently longer. Scammers have sporadic runs and its usually only the top affiliate marketers to that make majority of that money usually the newbies learn about the scam when its on its second leg.

It can be profitable to scam people but in my opinion its just not worth it, Time is key when making money online see you are on a blog the owner of this blog could be anywhere maybe on vacation at the time you are reading this. if you are scamming people you don’t have that luxury because you will have to allot more monitoring. Also if you are scamming it doesn’t make sense to do any seo. It makes me laugh every time i see a person who is promoting a scam creating a blog that’s pointless. Google will just ban you which means other websites will ban you also.

How To Know what you are Promoting is a Winner

This should be a no brainer I personally measure per 100 how many sales i get in 100 clicks tells me if the sales page is winner. I only recommend products with refund guarantees so i will also pay close attention to that. I know some of you screaming CPA but CPA companies will cut you lose if you get too many refund request or if you are not making them enough money. Being that i work from home full time i don’t like to taking such a risk. Again i look at things for the long term gains i also look at any website I build as online real estate. You want to always be in a position to sell your website. Your website is suppose to make you money from every corner although i am a Affiliate marketer I am an Internet Marketer first.