Review – Is it a scam?

Internet Income Path, which you could find at, is a website that promises to offer you another work-at-home, money-making opportunity. According to the website, their system is a convenient way of making money online. It added further that you could get started with the opportunity that they are offering simply by having the basic typing skill and an internet connection.

More about Internet Income Path

In order to start making money using the system of Internet Income Path, you should shell out an amount of $1.95. This small fee will give you access to the members’ website for 5 days. This is to give you an idea of the kind of business opportunity they are offering. However, to do this, they will require you to provide your credit card details.

Another thing to note is that you have to notify their customer service representative within 5 days of signing up or else, you will be paying $29.95 every 30 days. Their terms are alarming especially with the fact that they are not disclosing the kind of business they have or the exact opportunity they are offering.

Final thoughts on

You should be careful when signing up with websites that promise to help you earn money at home especially if they are asking for your credit card details. Never provide your credit card details unless you’re 100% sure that it is legit. One thing to look into if it’s legit is its transparency. It’s most likely a scam if it fails to inform you ahead of time of the nature of their business.

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