Review – Is it a scam?

Internet Income Path, a website which you could check out at, offers another money-making opportunity. The website claims that they can help you earn money online whenever and wherever you are. It claims that with them, making money online has never been this convenient. It further claims that you don’t have to have prior online working experience to qualify in this opportunity.

More about Internet Income Path

The website didn’t specify the kind of opportunity it offers. It only says that all you need to qualify for this money-making opportunity is basic typing skill and the ability to use the internet. Another thing to note is that you could only get started with the website by filling out their online form on the home page. You need to place your name, address, and contact details such as email and phone number. However, this form will only reserve you a slot in this opportunity.

The people behind the website have come up with an advertorial to promote it (you can find ithere). An advertorial is an editorial that looks like unbiased, factual information but the fact is, it isn’t. When you read closely, an advertorial is designed to promote the products and services of a company.

Final thoughts on

If you encounter websites that promise to help you earn money online easily without really disclosing the specific opportunity it offers, be skeptical about them. Legit sites will disclose the information even if you don’t provide your name and contact details. Another thing to be mind of is that if you’re not sure with the website, do not provide your personal details. The company may sell them to third party companies.

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