Corporate Media Welfare In Canada: Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News Claims Justin Trudeau Who Bailed Out Mainstream Media Is The Best Pick for Prime minister – September 4, 2021,

Using taxpayer funds Justin Trudeau bailed out Canadian media which is too lazy and too incompetent to turn a profit. First and foremost why was there a “Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News”? we’re having an election, and Global News is a beneficiary of Justin Trudeau.

How could Justin Trudeau be seen as the best pick for Prime Minister when he lost the popular vote in 2019, to Andrew Scheer? It’s not like Justin Trudeau lost the popular vote to Andrew Scheer by a slim margin, he lost the vote, Andrew Scheer, by 220,499 votes (Andrew Scheer total votes 2019: 6,239,227; Justin Trudeau total votes 2019: 6,018,728).

To comprehend how wide a margin that is, most cities in Canada don’t have 100,000 people and this happened when Jagmeet Singh ran a horrible campaign. The NDP was bankrupt in 2019 and took a massive hit in the polls. What Trudeau did in 2019 was he took advantage of his popularity in Ontario, because unfortunately, in Canada a Prime minister can be decided in Ontario and Quebec which is really shameful when you think about it, because it’s not reflective of who the people ALL ACROSS Canada want.

What’s been more shameful is Global News and its shameful attempt to make Justin Trudeau look good. The title of their post is disgusting, Trudeau still seen as the best pick? Best pick by whom? Your rigged poll of course. It’s not to say Justin Trudeau can’t win the 2021 election, but he’s clearly not the most popular pick for Prime minister.

The article below is one of the reasons I hope Canadians take election fraud very seriously in 2021, there will be mail-in ballots in this election, and hand counting doesn’t guarantee authenticity, I hope all measures are taken to assure voter fraud doesn’t happen in Canada.

O’Toole and Singh rising, but Trudeau still seen as best pick for PM this election: poll |

Interesting times ahead!