Low IQ and In Your Face Tyranny: Canadian Politicians are now claiming Vaccinated Canadians have to be protected from Unvaccinated Canadians – September 15, 2021,

So it’s pretty interesting when I listen to politicians in 2021 and how they managed to change the narrative without anyone noticing. Actually, I and some others noticed, but most people haven’t been paying attention. The narrative the government used to promote was to get vaccinated to protect yourself from the Repository virus, the new narrative is the unvaccinated are killing the vaccinated?


Now, for myself, this entire Repository virus fiasco is why Canadians need to rethink our universal health care system. Because just being honest, I think if the unvaccinated get really sick they and need to see a doctor, they should have to pay more or maybe their insurance premiums go up?


Because of our 1 size fits all health care system in which some obese aging Premier tells you it’s their options or nothing at all, what Premiers have to do is go out of their way to get you to comply, so in Ontario Tyrant Premier Doug Ford is ready to or already releasing vaccine passports, because umm? the unvaccinated are harming the vaccinated? or maybe the unvaccinated are harming unvaccinated medical professionals? or maybe, just maybe, the vaccines don’t work? and the government needs an ENEMY TO DESTROY! in order to save face?


Come on big government GANG! We gotta stop those YAHOOS

The Communist Manifesto was brilliant POLITICAL PROPAGANDA in that it created an enemy that didn’t exist prior to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels creating one. The communist Manifesto created a tiered society and if you weren’t part of the ruling class, you were only “cool”/one of the good citizens if you identified with the poorer class.

In short, the communist Manifesto PUNISHED INNOVATION. It’s unlikely that Karl Marx intended to punish innovation, but when you create an atmosphere in which a group of NON-VIOLENT people who think differently than the majority are the ENEMIES of state, you start to realize that BIG government tyrants are the real YAHOOS!

Why I’m not a fan of Canada’s Universal Health Care System

If I’m, to be honest, I don’t like Canada’s universal health care system, if it were up to me I’d abolish it, but for those who love universal health care, countries like Singapore give us a glimpse into a better universal health care system. First and foremost because Singapore doesn’t have a minimum wage law, more people contribute to Singapore’s welfare State, part of the problem in Canada is that we have a lot of so-called poor people not contributing anything to the Canadian economy.

To those of you who don’t get it, according to Labour unions if a private business can’t afford to pay the Union wage, the said business doesn’t have a right to exist in Canada, so a lot of companies no longer exist in Canada, that would pay wages lower than the government price control.

These low-wage companies used to contribute to Canada’s tax collection, but if a company can’t exist because of minimum wage laws, INCOME taxes which can be charged t the employed are no longer paid to the government, which means essential government services are either stagnant or cease to exist. If you’re wondering why more and more products are no longer produced locally it’s because of the minimum wage law. (btw: yes I know tax is theft, but let’s save that for another post).

If we’re to have a real debate about people not paying their fair share, look no further than provincial welfare. I’m disgusted that anyone in Ontario that’s never worked, or never had to work, gets to live in subsidized housing while low-wage earners have to pay MARKET rents? If we’re going to play this government gets to pick winners and losers game, I’d prefer low wage earners get subsidized housing over these Welfare-fraudsters

But you see for a piece of sh*t politician a vote is a vote and because most politicians see that the government workforce, as well as the welfare dependents, are a larger group than the private sector working class, politicians assist in BANKRUPTING or health care system. All those unnecessary public servants and welfare fraudsters are paid for by low-wage earners.

An example of government waste is Maryam Monsef the Minister for Women and Gender Equality? When I go to a hospital I see a whole lot more hard-working women than I see men? Why do we need a Minister for Women and Gender Equality? in 2017 Maryam Monsef made over $255,000 per year?

No big deal the government-dependent socialist will tell you, but that money could have gone into health care? or even been used to house the WORKING POOR and because provinces are running low on money, many are looking for a QUICK FIX

The economics of a Yahoo Tyrant The Doug Ford Dilemma – Understanding Canadian Brainwashing

So in Canada, the various Conservative Partys have made the decision that the average Canadian voter is too stupid to know that socialism doesn’t work, so instead what the Conservative Party does is they’ll pander to your stupidity.

Ontario is RUNNING OUT OF MONEY! Justin Trudeau is obviously the culprit, but for Doug Ford to go public with that statement would be a waste of time, because it’s not going to change voters minds, so instead, Doug Ford is looking for the cheapest way to address Ontario headed for default, which is the VACCINE PASSPORTS!

I personally know what’s going on, but, I’m not going to write it here, because the truth will come out eventually. You could simply follow the money if you cared to know what’s happening, but in a nutshell, the way vaccine Passports were presented to Doug Ford was that he could get the economy rolling, and save money on medical professionals.

Now, for people who already got the vaccine, a vaccine passport isn’t a big deal, and being that the unvaccinated are a minority, the thinking behind the effectiveness of this system is that this will pressure the unvaccinated to join the tyrant class.

Now, because Andrea Horwath is more tyrannical than Doug Ford, the only thing Doug Ford would have to fear is a potential alternative Conservative Party in the future. Ontarians tend to either vote for Liberals or the Conservatives, the NDP only works n B.C because you’d have to be a serious retard to bankrupt British Colombia, Ontario doesn’t have the luxury of the Pacific Ocean, BC has the convenience of the worlds 2 largest economies(China and U.S), Ontario not so much.

In Ontario, we’re dependent on manufacturing which is DWINDLING and Doug ord is looking for the best political moves to get Ontario out of this mess, does it sound like I’m defending Doug Ford? I’m not, I’m giving you the reality of the situation, most Conservative Party Politicians have made the decision that Conservative Canadians are too backwards and aren’t looking at the “Greater good” of society.

So in a nutshell, this why brainwashing will continue until Canadians say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, it’s time for the government to be honest with the people!

Hundreds of ER doctors implore Ontario to boost nurses’ pay amid ‘dangerous’ staffing shortage| cbc.ca

Interesting times ahead!