Is a Snap Election Coming To Canada? Jagmeet Singh Warns Justin Trudeau NDP won’t bend any further on federal dental-care plan – September 17, 2022,



Very interesting turn of events regarding the NDP/Liberal coalition propping up the most tyrannical Canadian government in the history of the Federation. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says his party was willing to be flexible on the first phase of the Liberal government’s dental-care plan, but in the future, the New Democrats will bend no further.

Although the New Democrat Party(NDP) and their supporters imagine Dental Care as part of the Federal government as a good thing, the Federal Liberals know politicizing Dental care or making Canadian Dentists have to BEND to the Federal government for their political gain could REALISTICALLY create a huge shortage of dentists in Canada.

Being a dentist is actually in more demand than being a doctor, and Canada has to compete with Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K regarding salaries; now in America, a Dentist could make the most money, but what a lot of medical professionals do is they’ll use Canada to get the experience and then move to the United States to practice. I know some foreign-trained Dentists will use Canada, Australia, The U.K, New Zealand, etc. to get to America, and one can’t ignore what’s happening in the United Arab Emirates, which offers Dentists TAX-FREE LIVING for practicing there.

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When I look at the CURRENT trajectory of Canada’s economy, and we look at things like health care and ignoring Dentistry, Canada is becoming less and less competitive, and they’d better hope that more nations don’t become obstacles for Canada retaining or ATTRACTING talent. Liberals, from an economic perspective, HISTORICALLY have taken a fascist approach to the economy, using private-public partnerships, but Justin Trudeau’s government was one of the first in decades to talk about restructuring the tax code; it’s one of the reasons some people were glad to see Disgraced Bill Morneau ousted from his role as finance minister.

Why Some Dentists and Doctors Small Business Owners are Sympathetic to Left Wing Causes and Why Jagmeet Singh will inadvertently change that

Some professionals believe in Left-wing ideals, you might think that’s counterintuitive, but if you think that way, you clearly haven’t been to a Canadian University. You have to remember that if you’re a Dentist in Canada, you’re in a position not to think about the world outside of your profession. If I’m a Dentist and starting my own practice was the ONLY/Business I had in life, well, that’s a good small business to have, it would also allow you to be sympathetic to Left Wing causes, as long as those Left Wing causes don’t harm you DIRECTLY.

Universal health care would have been destroyed in Canada had it not been for the Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin Liberals, who changed the corporation laws in this country. Dentists, Doctors were getting taxed into oblivion in Canada, so Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin did the OPPOSITE of what Jagmeet Singh has planned not only for Dentists but for Doctors also.

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If you’re unaware, Jagmeet Singh’s end goal is, it’s to politicize dentists, the way Bill Morneau attempted to politicize Doctors, labeling them TAX CHEATS WHENEVER he felt like it. You see, at the time Bill Morneau was coming after Doctors Justin Trudeau had won a MAJORITY, and Justin Trudeau’s government took a position you’d expect an NDP government to take if they were in power, which is more GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

Farmers, doctors lead blowback against proposed tax changes | (2017)

In case you haven’t been paying attention, more Federal government regulations in Canada have led to shortages of medical professionals, but even PRIOR to Justin Trudeau becoming PM of Canada, we were having shortage problems; why? Because of PRIOR Left Wing governments POLITICIZING their profession.

Canada’s doctor shortage will only worsen in the coming decade (2011) |

In 2006, the most recent year for which data is available, Canada’s physician-to-population ratio (age-adjusted) ranked 26th among 28 developed nations that maintain universal access health care.

Indeed, Canada’s doctor shortage would have grown more acute through the 1990s had foreign-trained physicians not filled the gap left by government restrictions on medical training in Canada.

While the number of physicians being trained in Canada has increased markedly in recent years, with the number of MDs awarded rising from 1,543 in 2002 to an estimated 2,459 in 2010, Canada is still not training enough new doctors to maintain the physician-to-population ratio at its current level let alone increase it.

One of the problems with the WELFARE STATE is that it DISINCENTIVIZES people from becoming Doctors and Dentists; why? Because as an example, if you’re a single mom, the government is your baby daddy. You’ll see women as an example becoming Nurses and doctors by CHOICE, but not a necessity, and men tend NOT to be forced to be smarter with who they work for, because let’s imagine for a moment, you’re a male doctor being targeted by Bill Morneau, the government making you public enemy number, might be warning sign that it’s time for you to take your talents somewhere else.

Why did I talk about Female doctors? in the prior paragraph? Well, consider reading the article below.

Some doctors urging Bill Morneau to go ahead with tax changes |

Rita McCracken, a family doctor in Vancouver, says it’s misguided to portray the proposed tax changes as hurting female doctors. (Handout/Canadian Press)
McCracken contacted colleagues with the aim of expressing a fact-based alternative view, leading to the letter to Morneau.

“It just seemed to us there was some motivation from very high earners who wanted to continue to be able to pay less tax,” McCracken said. “(But) people who make more money should pay more taxes.”

Being a male doctor, in many ways, is a much different experience than being a female doctor; if you’re a white male doctor, you can still be considered a racist; some is true if you’re a DENTISTS who happens to be born the wrong skin color. Being a doctor or dentist, you should be considered a HERO, regardless of your race and gender, but that’s not how things happen once your profession is POLITICIZED and having your profession politicized is DEPRESSING and being that you’re a Dentist or Doctor, you have the PRIVILEGE of going to where you’re treated best.

So it’s not said that the NDP won’t eventually get their way and politicize dental care. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the shortages of doctors and dentists accelerate in Canada in the next couple of decades. Looking at this from the political angle, we have to look at a potential SNAP election and what could happen if Pierre Poilievre HOLDS A minority GOVERNMENT.

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If Pierre Poilievre holds a minority government, I’m certain the NDP and Liberals would have a coalition. So what I’m getting at here is that Justin Trudeau can call Jagmeet Singh’s bluff; if I’m Justin Trudeau, I’m completely disregarding the NDP threat because they’re not going to win a majority, that’s for sure, and they may actually become even weaker if Justin Trudeau calls a snap election.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Justin Trudeau is not popular, but he has been strategic, and he has the NDP by the NADS. Will this lead to a snap election? I don’t know, but Justin can disregard Jagmeet as a threat to his reign as Prime Minister.

NDP won’t bend any further on federal dental-care plan, Singh warns |

Interesting times ahead!