Is Canada Ready For Austerity Measures? It Sure Doesn’t Look Like It: Farmers warn the government of impending food crisis, demand quick actions – April 26, 2022,

Shrinking the pay and shrinking the size of government on the economy is the quick fix to a lot of these stupid problems in the Canadian government, but obviously, Canada is not there yet. In France, as an example, Emmanuel Macron won the elections and is once again the President of France. His Centrist La République En Marche Political Party promises a pro-European Union government that trusts Big Government to handle their economic affairs.

Whether you like it or not, this is the reality around the world, in Germany, the Socialists are in charge a reminder that East Germany built the east German socialists built the German wall and eventually had to tear it down, because of the huge failure of socialism. Yet and still, the current Chancellor of Germany since 2021 Olaf Scholz is part of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Now unlike France, in which the “La République En Marche” was a recently created political party, The SPD was established in 1863, making it one of the earliest Marxist-influenced parties in the world.


This is the current pulse of the world, a large enough chunk of humans in the developed world imagine that a big government is the best solution to a dire economic situation. A few positives about Germany and France, France was smart enough to make nuclear energy part of their “green” revolution which puts them far ahead of Canada in regards to meeting their “Paris” targets, and in Germany, their education system unlike Canada’s revolves around producing students who are ready become engineers, mechanics, and tradespeople, whereas in Canada, our education, for the most part, is creating a lot of graduates who are not only abandoning the trades but who are also graduating to become white-collar workers.

Making matters worse there appears to be no clear direction as to what Trudeau has planned for Canada’s new energy economy? Canada’s Federal government has the tax, regulate, and spend portions lockdown, but in regards to what they plan to achieve, nobody knows? When I observe the stupidity of the current Federal government of Canada, what comes to my mind, are austerity measures.

But Canada doesn’t appear ready for austerity measures at this very moment, I don’t think things have gotten bad enough yet. Consumer price inflation aside, the supply chains haven’t completely broken down yet, but we’re getting there, the non-glamorous stories about SHORTAGES of things are beginning to mount, the private sector and other sectors that the government is involved in, are beginning to let it be known, that things aren’t the way they once were and they’re warning the government ahead of time so that in the event certain obligations can’t be met, they’re off the hook.

So what’s really causing these shortages? Well, the truth is that PRIOR regulations many of which to be fair predate the current Prime minister Justin Trudeau forced a lot of profitable Canadian industries to either declare bankruptcy or outsource. When Canadians elected Justin Trudeau, most still don’t know how reliant Canada has become on imports. I’ve been writing about this for years now, but it’s not something anyone thinks about when times are good, it’s only a problem when times are bad.

Minimum wages and other supposed environmental other government regulations artificially drive up prices for producers in Canada, many can’t take it so they either outsource or they cease operations. As long as the same made in Canada products can be imported, nobody notices, but then Putin invades Ukraine while Justin Trudeau declares war on fossil fuel and problems start to compound.

Now because Justin Trudeau’s economic agenda revolved mostly around social spending, not only is he not prepared to tackle the unexpected problems, but he’s also obligated his government to tackle impossible to fix problems. These are all easy fixes ofcourse, shrink the size of the governemnt? But it’s not so easy because there has to be an appetite for it, furthermore what type of government shrinkage are we talking about?

Former Governor of Puerto Rico Luis Fortuño is admired by many of us because what he did is the stuff of legends, but you have to understand the protesting and entitled government workforces and people on welfare who to this day still hate Luis Fortuño. Austerity measures aren’t easy and don’t assume that a Conservative politician will have the stomach to do it either.

All it takes is for a letter to appear on a Prime Minister or Premier’s desk that says a massive wave of protests are coming if you cut back on this or that service and the politician in power may indeed change course. Furthermore, the market has to know that these government cuts will be in effect for at least 5-10 years for the private sector to take action.

With that said, Canada has been warned, that shortages of things could be coming!

Farmers warn government of impending food crisis, demand quick actions |

Interesting times ahead!