Is Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe Anticipating a Future Tyrannical Federal Government The Convoy was entirely Justin Trudeau’s Fault: Ottawa mayor open to giving up jurisdiction over the street in front of Parliament Hill – December 17, 2022,



Recently, Joe Biden’s poll numbers were released, and Joe Biden is around 44% popular among Americans; Joe Biden won not only the Presidency, but he also won the popular vote. On the flip side, Justin Trudeau, during the last election in Canada, received less than 33% of the vote; he lost the popular vote to one of the weakest Conservative candidates; in many ways, Justin Trudeau is the equivalent to the Donald Trump of Canada.

Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S. election by being STRATEGIC. In the 2016 U.S presidential election, Donald Trump comprehending the electoral college, focused on areas of America that mattered to WINNING the 2016 election, whereas Hilary Clinton took certain regions of America for granted; in the biggest upset in U.S history, Donald Trump beats Hilary Clinton with a larger percentage of votes than Justin Trudeau reived when he beat Stephen Harper in 2015.

I bring this up because Justin Trudeau won the last two elections by being strategic. Because of this, Trudeau, similar to Donald Trump, hasn’t governed like a man who cares about all Canadians; instead, Trudeau governs for the people he imagines will vote for him. This divisiveness by the Prime minister of Canada has led to him being similar to Donald Trump, attaching LABELS to people he disagrees with ideologically.

The Freedom Convoy existed primarily because of Trudeau’s one size fits all leadership towards Covid-19. I can’t imagine any Canadian prime minister being as stupid as Trudeau leading Canada in the future, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe is onto something, maybe a tyrannical Canadian Prime Minister is the future of Canada, and he wants to keep the people of Ottawa out of it.

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Marching and protesting is not something you see from Canadian conservatives, many of whom would like the size of government to shrink; however one should look at things from the flip side, if let’s say there’s a Conservative Prime minister, I can imagine a lot of the far left activists making noise for climate change or some sort of social justice cause that’s important to them.

To date, I haven’t seen any far-left group in Canada bring in the numbers the Freedom Convoy brought in. Usually, the leftist causes have more to do with LIMITING liberty and freedoms than fighting for them, which is why they typically draw small crowds to their causes. With that said, Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe might be onto something.

Ottawa mayor open to giving up jurisdiction over street in front of Parliament Hill |

Interesting times ahead