Is Plantable Health Inc. The Next Beyond Meat? Who Cares, neither pays a dividend and Beyond Meat’s Stock Price recently CRASHED and doesn’t bode well in a “SHORTAGES” economy – January 12, 2022,

Will the stock market price of “Plantable Health Inc.(PLBL) go up? Sure why the hell not, all sorts of crappy stocks have made new highs why not Plantable Health? but at the time of this post’s publication, Plantable Health (PLBL) doesn’t pay a dividend and for the most part, it’s an information-based product. My mother is a health nut, she was already skinny and she recently lost 10 more pounds because, via lockdowns, she now watches a lot of FREE health care videos on YouTube, her hair looks better, she constantly harrassed me to eat her new healthy meals and she didn’t have to pay to learn anything.

Now, personally, I’m in the information business, and yes it does pay money, but, it’s money a writer can live off of, not money that warrants a company going public. The Plantable slogan is currently “Plant-based meals, health coaching, and support” excuse me for having a one-track mind, but the only part of that business that says potential money is “health coaching”. The Weight Watchers stock at one point I think reached $100 per share, but you had to wait, and that stock I believe is trading at $15 today’s and WW International Inc(WW) has a lot of star power behind it.

So again, sure Plantable Health Inc.(PLBL) can be successful, but I invest for cash flow, during the last crash, not only did I buy the dip, but those dividend-paying dips also went up in price because of the stupidity of the Biden administration. Any idiot who is dumb enough to think that Leftwing governments don’t help the rich get richer clearly doesn’t own any stocks.

The downside to Leftwing politicians, and LeftWing politics, in general, is that they make society as a whole feel poorer, which tends to be bad news for stocks that don’t offer any real value. I don’t see much value in “Plantable Health Inc.(PLBL)” I think it would make good money possibly as a Network Marketing company, but as a valued business unless there’s something I’m missing, I don’t see much value there.

I’m a very boring investor, if a stock pays me a monthly dividend, it’s got my attention, idiots will claim that dividend investing is slow, well, clearly these people haven’t bought enough dividend-paying stocks that help them to buy additional stocks. Yes, you read that correctly, I play with the house’s money, I can’t tell you the last time I used my own physical labor to purchase a stock.

But those of you who invest for capital gains, like seeing all those green arrows in your portfolio, I don’t mind seeing red, because even the reds send me money, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually, and if the central banks raise rates, I think you already know what I’m going to do to mitigate risk, which also could equate to companies paying higher dividends. Anyway, good luck with your “Plantable Health Inc.(PLBL)” investment. hopefully, you’ll make some capital gains! which idiots like Bernie Sanders will want to tax you on.

Interesting times ahead!