Is Roe v. Wade. and FEDERAL protection of Abortion Rights More Important To Americans than Consumer Price Inflation? Democrats hope so and I guess we’ll find out in November – May 5, 2022,

Abortion rights taught me about media corruption, long before Donald Trump used the term “Fake News”, all I heard about was fake news regarding Roe v. Wade. in fact if you’re in Canada, the Canadian media’s take on Roe v. Wade. is still spun in a manner that doesn’t emphasize Roe v. Wade. is mostly about Federal government overreach. I point to two articles in the post both published around the same time.

NBC News tends to lean more towards the Left of the aisle politically and even NBC News made sure that supporters of Roe v. Wade. didn’t get their hopes up imagining that politicians could override the Supreme Court, but the Canadian article takes a completely different approach making a random doctor’s OPINION the central theme in their article.

“I think when people use this term, codify, what they’re trying to say is we need to have protections that don’t depend on what the Supreme Court does,” said Linda McClain, a law professor at Boston University who focuses on family law, gender and law, and feminist legal theory.

“For 50 years, this issue has ultimately wound up in the courts. And now this need to have legislative protections is all the more urgent.”

Democrats want to ‘codify’ Roe v. Wade. What does that mean — and could they do it? |

When someone claims to be a Feminist are they really going to be fair and balanced? Now, if I’m to be honest, my views on Roe v. Wade. and how they relate to Canada, is that Canada’s Federal Government has been overreaching for a long time, so much so that it’s become uncommon for the Conservative Party of Canada to challenge the Federal Government’s role in the economy.

If Roe v. Wade. was put into its proper context in Canadian media, it could actually shift perception on the issue for people in Canada who for the most part haven’t given it any thought because after all Canada has Universal Health Care, and access to abortion is barely a debate in Canadian society. In America, abortion is a way for the Democrats to get their base excited about something, which is why this historic ILLEGAL LEAK happened in the first place.

NBC doesn’t focus on the leak itself, instead, it’s trying not to allow falsehoods to spread and is instead trying to target individuals who are not on board with allowing the Federal Government to stick its nose where it doesn’t belong. But what is Roe v. Wade. in the context of the economy exactly? Because let’s make something clear, a lot of Left-Wing U.S States already have secession movements in place.

Quite a few Left-Wing States already have “Sanctionary Cities”, and if Roe v. Wade. is overturned, likely that the movement will spread in Democrat-run States. So why then the big fuss by the Democrats to preserve Roe v. Wade? My answer is that a lot of White Democrat voters move to Republic run States when their Left-Wing Utopia dissolves into a Left Wing sh*t hole bringing their politics with them, and for people wanting to escape Democrat-run states Roe v. Wade would instead put a lot of pressure on Democrat lawmakers to make better economic decisions on how they govern their States, Cities, and towns.

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, you have to understand the ECONOMIC implications for Democrats. Left Wingers in their minds, currently don’t think their rules, regulations, legislation, and taxes led to, as an example DOMESTIC consumer price inflation, the average left-winger wants to blame CAPITALISM for their shortcomings, and when they move to a Republic State, that’s forced to adhere to their Left Wing abortion laws, that’s confirmation for most Left Wingers that, Left-wing ideas aren’t the problem, and it’s those greedy Republicans, their capitalism and their racism, that’s oppressing poor people?

Because really think about this for a moment, Imagine most of U.S States with easy access to abortion led the U.S in crime, poverty, and bad education?-and the Republican politicians began using those statistics and pointing to Left-wingers view on abortion as one of the root causes of the problem?

Let’s be clear about something, left-wingers’ WEAKNESS is the economy, most Left-wingers imagine the economy works on autopilot, and therefore no matter what new rule, regulation, tax, price/wage control Democrats pass into law will have no bearing on economic activity.

But you see Roe v. Wade. being a State issue would change all of that. All of a sudden, Republicans wanting to pot-shot Democrat politicians, could instead make the claim that possibly poverty in Left-Wing states stems from their views on killing the defenseless, upholding abortion laws is leading to the destruction of Left-Wing States and Cities. That’s a much easier sell than making an economic argument, don’t you think?

The average American is not going to listen to people like me, they want to hear EASY ANSWERS, the American dream is to start with nothing and become something and if it becomes evident that it will be damn near impossible to do this in Left-Wing led U.S States, all of a sudden, the narrative changes, corruption in the Democrat Party will quickly have to alter, and what will inevitably happen is a more moderate Democrat Party.

In the meantime, I can’t say I know what the midterms will look like in November 2022, I have no idea, it doesn’t look good for Joe Biden at the moment, but we’ll see, I’m certain Democrats are going to make social issues front and center hoping American consumers will get used to rampant consumer price inflation while the Dems emphasize social justice causes because Joe Biden’s message appears to be centered on positive “wealth effect” news.

No matter how bad things have gotten, Joe Biden continues to speak as if the economy is fine and Republicans are overreacting? Is Joe Biden onto something with this positive wealth effect news messaging? I don’t know, I’m simply an observer.

Democrats push to codify Roe after leaked opinion. But they don’t have the votes. |

Interesting times ahead!