Is SEO Right For You

Outsourcing your Search engine optimization only makes sense in my opinion if you’re making at least $10,000 per month. Well that is if the website you promoting/recommending is making $10,000 per month. If you want real professional good SEO help you will soon learn that it will cost you a fee monthly and also you will learn quickly that SEO firms typically want a 6 month commitment from you. Search engine optimization doesn’t happen over night and you won’t be the only person competing for that number one spot.

That being said in my view SEO is the wrong direction to go for most people. Many people especially Internet Marketers listen to too many so called guru’s who will make up stories just so they can get you to purchase something from them. Pay Per Click marketing is not that complicated also it’s allot cheaper than SEO. You can get to the top of the search engines with out any work and also if you’re selling something other than “internet marketing or SEO” product people will typically click on your ads first.

The Problem people are having with Pay Per Click Marketing

The problem most website owners and internet marketers are having with pay per click marketing is “targeting keywords” effectively another problem is… and this is the biggest problem is some internet marketers and website owners are creating websites and sometimes landing pages that are hard to navigate. When creating a website its important to note that people “want it now”. When some one reaches your website they want what they’re looking for immediately they typically could careless about your life story or what other products you offer they want to know that once they reach your website that you have what they’re looking for.

I don’t really want to get too much into Pay Per Click marketing because this post is suppose to be about SEO but Pay per click marketing basically puts you the drivers seat. SEO basically means that Yahoo, Bing and Google are running the show, when google’s ready to shut you down its all over. No SEO company can stop them when you choose SEO you become a tiny fish in a huge ocean. When you choose Pay Per Click marketing you become a whale in the ocean that being said once you become a whale you need to learn how to find food quickly otherwise you will starve meaning the money you invested can be depleted very quickly.

When is SEO right for you — In my opinion

If you ever visited an SEO website you will typically notice that they use big corporate names to make themselves seem reputable. SEO firms typically target corporations and small business owners, because in these places $10,000 per month is chump change, that being said this is why there are so many FAKE S.E.O companies online. One of the ways i know how these fake SEO operations work is they will charge someone or some company $1500 for work that might cost $200 to do.  “what you don’t know will be used against you online.”

That being said outsourcing your search engine optimization only makes sense in my opinion if you’re doing at least $10,000 in sales or if you have an established business. by paying people to do your SEO you are actually employing someone. If you’ve ever employed someone before you might know that employees come in all shapes and sizes sometimes they preform sometimes don’t and being that the search engines control SEO there’s no telling what kind of results you might get. Not only that there’s no telling how long the results might last.

SEO can be very expensive and EXTREMELY time consuming. My recommendation especially if you are just an individual internet marketer — is to learn and get used to pay per click marketing. It’s cheaper its easier saves allot of time and has much greater reward. If you are a big business make sure you research the SEO company you are doing business with. a simple search on any SEO company should give you an idea of how good of a service they offer.