Is the Jagmeet Singh, Justin Trudeau collaboration coming to an end? Will This Collaboration lead to a Conservative Party of Canada MAJORITY, Consumer Price Inflation is not TRANSITORY – September 12, 2022,

Liberty sneaks up on you; one of the great things about the modern era is that people in 2022 are EXPERIENCING life under Progressive governments, and because of the internet, people interested in finances and economics are starting to understand in massive numbers the stupidity of Left-wing ideas, one of the interesting FACTS about what we’ve been told are minority groups is that they’re very interested in FINANCES, meaning that white Liberals may soon be exposed for the scam artists they really are.

Two collective voices are shouting “racism” at everything, a large chunk of Black people and White Liberals; you’re starting to see more Black people or people of African descent speak out AGAINST socialism; the one thing I like about Black people is that they enjoy the finer things in life, the Liberals can only deliver the finer things of life to ‘token black people’ they’ll usually prop up on television, but the goal for most Conservative think tanks is to raise the standard of living for all black people interested in the Liberty movement so that we can end this socialism scourge on Western society.


It’s unfortunate we even have to use these racial terms to describe human beings; I’m actually tired of it, no offense, but I’m actually most annoyed by white Liberals because they’re the ones fueling this, if you’ve ever listened to the complaints of most Black Americans, the root cause of their despair, comes from the White Left Wing voters. One of the main reasons most Black people do not understand why they’re in the condition they’re in is because White Liberals make sure Black people get a HORRIBLE public school education.

If I’m not properly educated, I’m likely going to vote for the political Party that promises me free stuff. Female voters tend to vote for policies they imagine will make them more “ECONOMIC SECURE.” and it’s quite clear to everyone that in the United States, in most black families, the father is absent from the home, but if we take things a step further, a lot of black women, opt for the worst of worst to father their child, why? Because that guarantees a government welfare check and less hassle in the courts.

Now, before I specifically target black people, this is also a growing trend amongst white Liberal women. a lot of white men have opted to become incels( an online subculture of people who define themselves as unable to get a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one.) instead of dating white women if you want to talk about the potential next Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Poilievre, he’s married to a Venezuelan woman.

I’ve been noticing this trend since women in the west have embraced Feminism; white or productive men, in general, want nothing to do with them. A woman doesn’t have to declare herself a feminist to behave like one. One could argue a being a Diva is a subculture of Feminism; in countries like Argentina, for example, Feminism is alive and well; why do I bring up Argentina? Because Argentina has a giant welfare State, and no matter how many times the Argentine Peso is debased, their welfare state remains a FIXTURE in their politics.

Currently, $1 Canadian dollar could fetch you $105 Argentine Pesos at a retail financial establishment. Many parts of Argentina are well developed; however, Argentinians embraced collectivism, and if you know anything about collectivism, everyone wants to be the head of their own collectivist organization because in a collectivists society, there is power in numbers, so let’s say I’m part of a labor union, but I’m a nobody in the labor union, maybe I start a feminist group in which I’m the beneficiary donations.

In the United States, Black Lives Matter(BLM) is learning the hard way why you have to keep your books in order; most collectivist organizations do a lot of cash deals to avoid their money being traced, but with BLM, the white liberals left them out to dry. Because, after all, white liberals only needed BLM to win the 2020 election, until 2024 comes around, whatever problems BLM has, they’ll likely have to solve it on their own.

I bring all of this up because the NDP and Liberals in Canada have joined together to stop the Conservatives, and historically collectivists uniting doesn’t work out well. When the Reform Party merged with the Conservative Party of Canada, it soon splintered because actual Conservatives couldn’t stomach Stephen Harper’s SUBTLE vote-buying schemes.

I often write about Stephen Poloz being the worst Bank of Canada governor in Canadian history, and I stand by that, but yet, Pierre Poilievre has made Tiff Macklem his target. For someone like myself, I’m all for abolishing the bank of Canada; however, if we want to keep the bank of Canada alive and well, the goal of a central bank is to prevent ECONOMIC DEFLATION.

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During the reign of Stephen Harper, the Conservatives could have shrunk the size of the Federal government and cut more regulations, and appointed more Conservative judges, he did none of it, and it’s one of the reasons the current Far-Left Prime minister had such an easy time reversing everything Stephen Harper did. I was rather late to The Defund the CBC party, but there were calls for this during the reign of Stephen Harper, but he did nothing.

Infact one could argue that appointing Stephen Poloz as the head of the Bank of Canada was done to save the Canadian housing market from DEFLATING. Justin Trudeau clearly lied when he said he would fix the housing problem; however, NORMALIZING interest rates could lower home prices and rid Canada of all the froth in the housing sector.

But when I listen to Pierre Poilievre, who owns investment properties, or an investment property, he appears hell-bent on firing Tiff Macklem, which will irritate someone like me. If Tiff Macklem keeps interest rates normal and Pierre Poilievre fires him, Pierre Poilievre will automatically be on my bad side.

For the average Conservative, central banking isn’t even on their radar. I have to remind the reader that Pierre Poilievre supports supply management, so don’t even attempt to sell me on Pierre Poilievre being this morally superior human being. For myself, Pierre Poilievre is a very successful career politician with an interesting backstory.

Would I prefer Pierre Poilievre over Justin Trudeau? Absolutely! But I’m not going to sell my soul to the guy; there are indeed free market COLLECTIVSITS. China is still a communist nation, but the Chinese Communist Party sure does understand the basics of capitalism, and, in many ways, they’re better at capitalism than most Western Nations.

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So you’ll even notice at times, I write favorably about the Chinese economy and their leadership in the economy, but this doesn’t mean I want to point out the flaws of their system. The flaw I’m seeing with Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau is that they’re too similar and only time will tell if this is a benefit or a hindrance.

Because Consumer price inflation is running rampant, I wonder how long Canadians will accept this incompetence; I brought up Argentina. After all, the Argentines have accepted incompetence in government for a long time because most of the voters in Argentina fear AUSTERITY MEASURES. For some people debasing the currency is better than reducing government spending.

You’ll notice that Justin Trudeau is trying to get Canadians to get used to Carbon Taxes or the Federal Government sending them free cheques whenever prices rise; although this doesn’t work with me, it does work with a lot of people, so much so that Pierre Poilievre and the Conservative Party of Canada have to support supply management to win elections.

When I see a growing welfare State, I EXPECT the Conservative politician to SHRINK it when they’re in power. However, a lot of Conservative Party voters are only interested in winning elections. Once I listen to Stephen Harper and Pierre Poilievre speak, these men are far smarter than I am; when it comes to Free Market economics, I’m pretty sure both Pierre Poilievre and Stephen Harper fully comprehend Austrian economics at a deeper level than I do, however, in order to win elections or remain popular Pierre Poilievre will have to hold his tongue, so he doesn’t offend, voters who will only support him if he will keep parts of the welfare state funded that they’ve grown accustomed to.

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What this means is that if Pierre Poilievre doesn’t shrink the government while he’s Prime Minister, or if he doesn’t do a great job teaching about free markets, eventually the worst version of Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau will come along and because, the people supporting the Conservative Party of Canada only care about WINNING, Pierre Poilievre will soon find himself in the same position Stephen Harper found himself in, VOTE BUYING without alienating true Conservatives to save his political life.

I hope the reader understands why I’ll likely be voting for the People’s Party of Canada in the upcoming election, I get that Pierre Poilievre is something NEW to you, but he’s the same ole, same ole to me. Although you might disagree with my ideology, I want to rid my country of the poverty state of mind! I actually think Justin Trudeau presents Canadian Conservatives with the chance to strike a deadly blow to Left-wing causes.

I actually want Justin Trudeau to reign until 2025; I think consumer price inflation is a great thing for the country because it’s exposing Big Government doesn’t work. I like what Tiff Macklem is currently doing; I hope that he doesn’t fold under the pressure; I can easily present the narrative that Tiff Macklem gave Justin Trudeau an abundance of help during the pandemic and Justin Trudeau squandered it.

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I’m for abolishing the Bank of Canada, but that’s not my call; what I will say is if a central bank is what voters want, well, if Tiff Macklem continues to fight consumer price inflation by hiking rates, he’s doing the right thing. I don’t care that Tiff Macklem was hired by Justin Trudeau; one of the benefits to Justin Trudeau is his lack of understanding regarding finances and economics.

Stephen Harper’s STRENGTH was understanding finances and economics, and that’s why Harper hired a DOVISH governor to the bank of Canada. Natural laws fix all things; sometimes, a lackadaisical Prime Minister is just what the doctor ordered. To my benefit of myself, two individuals with extremely low IQs(Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau) when it comes to finances and the economy have joined forces; this presents an opportunity of a lifetime; Canadians may actually WELCOME austerity measures.

Pierre Poilievre doesn’t even have to present shrinking the government as austerity; he could present it as a STRUCTURAL change to the government. But I’d like to see structural changes done to the government with NORMALIZED interest rates; I really hate it when people compare Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan because I remind the reader that Ronald Reagan fixed the U.S Economy with historically high-interest rates

Don’t make that mistake with me, I know the difference between a Trump and a Reagan, I’m not calling either perfect, but Reagan similar to Joe Biden, and so far, Justin Trudeau did not complain when the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates. If I continue to see Pierre Poilievre attacking Tiff Macklem for raising rates, don’t expect me NOT to defend Tiff Macklem.

No matter how much I don’t like Justin Trudeau or Jagmeet Singh, I’m not selling my soul to a politician! It looks to me that the Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau honeymoon might be coming to an end. Still, suppose I’m, to be honest. In that case, I hope it doesn’t because I want Left-wing ideologies DESTROYED in this country; I want children to have a better life than I had.

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Like it or not, the incompetence of these two goofballs born, Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau, are helping Canadians to get poorer; poor people tend to be more receptive to SOLUTIONS, meaning now is the time I’m hoping Conservative movers and shakers will start adding some SUBSTANCE to Canadian democracy. Now is the time for Pierre Poilievre to start talking about the morality of the free market and I don’t mean just one day a week; I mean frequently, whether in sound bites or lectures, he should also accept ridicule for his positions on immoral stances he takes.

Whether he uses the current laws on the books or winning elections as the root cause of some of his immoral stances, it’s time for real change in Canadian politics. Let’s bring morality back into our democracy!

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Interesting times ahead!