Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

Is The Political Power of The Canadian Dairy Commission(CDC) Shrinking? U.S. milk lobby goes to war with Canada, Canada bars New Zealand dairy imports (Are Canadians ready for Austerity Measures?) – May 17, 2022,


I like to remind the reader that the last time Canada sliced government was the Jean Chretien era, with all their tyrannical faults, I think New Zealand got rid of their diary cartel in the 1980s, once they realized that Socialism won’t work for an Island located in the middle of nowhere. Canada on the other hand hasn’t felt the need to rid itself of price controls on industries it thinks the government HAS to protect.

I present the argument that if New Zealand can compete in a free market, why can’t Canada? The argument the PROTECTIONSITS in Canada will argue is that America subsidizes its farmers and because of these subsidies, grants, and loans, from the U.S government, U.S farmers and their bad inferior dairy products will destroy Canadian farmers?

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Is this a topic worthy of debate? Ofcourse it is, are the Canadian farmers and their defeatist attitudes correct in their assumptions that the U.S will take over the Canadian market and bankrupt Canadian farmers? Sure, Canadians in a lot of industries have been SHIELDED from competition for a long time, but it’s weird when you think about it because a lot of Canadians most of their money trading with the United States?

FIRST READING: New Zealand takes offence when ‘good friend’ Canada bars its dairy imports | nationalpost.com

America has more people and a much larger market than the United States, and if I’m, to be honest, I’ve never understood this war on labeling. Labeling and branding is how you can often get an edge on your competition and your competitor’s INFERIOR products. If let’s imagine for a moment the U.S dominates the Canadian diary market, driving down prices for Canadian consumers, what’s stopping Canadian farmers from doing the same in the United States?

I remind you that the SMARTPHONE revolution began in CANADA! One of the coolest Presidents in U.S History Barack Obama, couldn’t do without his Blackberry? iPhone and Samsung have now taken market share and Blackberry is the Myspace of smartphones now, but it’s in the realm of possibility that Canadians can compete for market share in the U.S, Canada, and even New Zealand.

So why don’t they? The answer is simple, why compete if you have control over the Prime minister of Canada? Competing is HARD, constantly finding ways to cut costs and be more efficient with the end goal of making customers happy. If we’re to be honest, as a group Canadian Libertarians (which I’m not one btw) are the only group that know what’s going on.

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Sure some independents like myself know what’s going on too, but the average Canadian INCLUDING the majority of WHITE people, by the way, haven’t a clue. I find that the average Liberal and Conservative voter in Canada like our supply management system. Maxime Bernier hasn’t a chance to win the Beauce riding because of his stance on ending supply management, and YES, Beauce votes CONSERVATIVE.

Before you start blaming Justin Trudeau for everything, Justin Trudeau is doing what he was voted in to do, defend supply management.. This is why Left Wingers are so SUCCESSFUL in Canadian politics, is Supply Management immoral? Ofcourse it is, but the Leftists are CONSISTENTLY immoral, whereas the Conservatives pick and chose the times in which they’ll be immoral, which is why there’s NO educational value in listening to most Conservative politicians.

If I had ZERO financial or economic education, Justin Trudeau on this issue would sound like a brave man. In fact, if I were Justin Trudeau I’d make this a topic of conversation when debating Pierre Poilievre. To make my job easier, if I were Justin Trudeau, I’d welcome Maxime Berner to the Federal debate stage, to do some of my dirty work for me.

If you’re a Right-wing voter and you don’t understand why Canada leans more to the left it’s because the Left-wingers are CONSISTENTLY immoral. I don’t believe humans are born with morals. Humans have to be taught morality and if they’re not taught morality, morals can be replaced with being patriotic. For many, they feel it’s their patriotic duty to defend supply management. How dare, these Americans and New Zealanders destroy our dairy cartel, many a Canadian will argue.

Sure most of these Canadians couldn’t coherently answer why they support supply management, but for those of you who think that we’re only now entering into a “Nineteen Eighty-Four” bizarro world, consider explaining supply management to an average Canadian without offending them? A lot of Canadians have been MONITORING their own speech long before Justin Trudeau came along and this is ofcourse the ROOT cause of the problem.

Some of you fail to comprehend that Justin Trudeau has stumbled on something, he’s come to the realization that Canada is “Progressive” in the political sense and he’s taking an aggressive approach to solidify that Canada is headed in a more socialist direction. Now, if you ask me I think Maxime Bernier properly identified the problem in Canadian politics, but???

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How do you solve this ignorance? Sorry reader I don’t have an answer for you on this one, education is the key to a prosperous democracy. Regarding supply management, the cost of living is climbing in Canada, and I predicted a long time ago that Justin Trudeau won’t be as LUCKY as his father, who got out of politics before his bad ideas started to destroy the Canadian economy.

I was actually on Trudeau’s side in 2021, I thought God would spare him, I was wrong, inflation is already running rampant, and PRICE CONTROLS are ALREADY a fixture in the Canadian Canadian economy. What I mean by this is as consumer price inflation runs rampant, the various branches of the Canadian government which include The Canadian Dairy Commission(CDC) can give themselves a pay raise

Now when I interpret this in my own mind, this sounds like a WAVE OF BANKRUPTCIES headed to Canada? But who knows, maybe I’m wrong? Maybe instead of bankruptcies, we’ll simply experience shortages of things? I have no answers for you sorry. the Canadian consumer has been rather resilient so far, but when I observe the what’s happening right now and the reality that Canada’s private citizens and private sector, in general, are in more debt than the various branches of government, this is a sign to me of not only a recession but a depression.

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Now, because the government has control over the money and the narrative, and our standard of living in comparison to other countries is pretty good, a recession or depression could be promoted as a slow down in growth. All I will say to Canadians is that you’d be wise to keep your fiances in order, during this period.

Trudeau government stands firm on new dairy rules despite anger from U.S. milk lobby | financialpost.com

Interesting times ahead!