Is there really a “A mental health crisis in Canada fuelling billions in losses for employers” or did the Far Left Liberal Government of Canada simply change REGULATORY laws, that benefit being UNPRODUCTIVE – January 17, 2023,


Hey you, can we have an honest conversation about women in the workplace and women taking advantage of government initiatives and regulations that most men usually will not take advantage of? When I was growing up, men would tease other men for skipping work, skipping work opened you up to being disrespected by other male workers, in the labor-intensive jobs I used to work for.

I did shipping and receiving as my second job and my primary job was working with sheet metal, even back then all the men had a code of conduct that we never applied to the women who may have been working for us. If a man didn’t show up for work, he was either seriously injured, he found a higher-paying job or he got fired.

When a woman didn’t show up for work, if she was pretty, all the men majority of whom were straight missed the hell out of “said woman” who brought some eye candy to the long day at work, or we excused her absence because, well, she’s a woman and most men accept that women aren’t designed to do the labour intensive jobs men do.

Women have menstrual cycles, women get pregnant, and women get moody when they have repetitive days of doing the exact same thing. Yes, there are women who can handle 9-5 life, but it’s not as common as it is for men, and most men don’t EXPECT it to be. Once you understand this, you’ll have a better idea as to why more women being in the workforce could be creating a MENTAL HEALTH crisis.

Even when you go to some third world countries, some of the women would rather not go to work, and when men see this, most men aren’t surprised, we get it, but if the central planners want to create a genderless society, well, then statistical data is no going to properly explain why more employees are having mental health crises in the workplace.

It wouldn’t surprise me also if more men, start claiming to have a mental health crisis because more men are embracing things like Feminism. If you’re unaware the current definition of feminism in it’s simplest form as it relates to this post is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.”

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Now, as I pointed out in the above portion of this article, we all know the sexes NATURALLY have differing biological patterns, men don’t naturally have children, nor do they menstruate. Men also tend to be physically stronger than women, so as an example at my shipping and receiving job, I don’t remember any women lifting 30+ pound boxes every day; it was even uncommon to see a woman on a forklift.

The women would often be pickers and packers, which required very little lifting; none of us complained about this, and it was accepted. However, if you read the pot below, it gears more toward WHITE COLLAR jobs. Now, let’s not forget that most nurses are women, however, a lot of machines are used to help women with the heavy lifting of these jobs.

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In most third-world countries, what most people tend to forget are the FAR-LEFT policies that often target private-sector employers. Claiming that the private sector is exploiting workers, a lot of government regulations are put on employers, which leads to employees being less productive. Now, why this is problematic is because government regulations STIFLE innovation.

When employees leave jobs or complain about working conditions, often times as long as there aren’t too many regulations in place, another employer will seek to replace existing employers with improved working conditions to take away all the top talent. Employees, when given the chance will shop around for the best employers.

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It’s actually this process that improves working conditions. Staying on the topic of working conditions, one of the reasons China does a lot better than most countries in regards to keeping people productive is that the Chinese Communist Party, oddly enough, doesn’t allow private citizens to UNIONIZE. Communism and Fascism after all is one giant labor union. People tend to forget that the Nazi Party was actually the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

German fascism was more of a corporatist model and although the Chinese Government calls them the Chinese Communist Party, they operate more like a fascist regime. Why this is important as it relates to this post is that workers’ rights exist in countries like Canada and the United States, and voters can vote to put tighter restrictions on their employers, something that doesn’t exist in countries like China.

Voters in Canada, for example, can effectively move the goalpost when it comes to regulatory laws. Women tend to exploit and take advantage of existing laws in a much higher clip than men. As these numbers get reported, the government is at liberty to make sure the numbers don’t appear skewed toward one gender, which is one of the reasons, I suspect this push for gender neutrality, which doesn’t allow anyone to dive into the data.

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But even when I was growing up, women in the workplace had its challenges for employers; I’ve known some employers in the past who even pay female employees to stay home as if they were at the job, simply to avoid filing out government paperwork. However, in the modern era with wages where they are, employers need compensation for the lack of productivity and this assists the government data tabulators, who are still at liberty not to give the public the raw data, as it could hurt them politically.

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Women can vote and truth be told, a lot of women like the idea of “equality of the sexes,” meaning that to point out that women take more advantage of government welfare programs than men by their standards should be considered illegal because by pointing out the obvious(that women are more unproductive than men doing the same job) the government would be making women a TARGET for HATE and/or Hate speech.

Politics complicates everything, and as it’s done in many nations, will eventually destroy the economy; in both China and Russia (countries sensitive to communism) they’re still more pragmatic about things, and common sense still runs the show in countries like China, at least economically.

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In western nations like Canada and the United States, most people, Conservative and Liberal are so far removed from the problems that the assumption becomes that why doesn’t the government DO MORE to fix these mental health problems? The truth is prior to the government in the Western World getting so large; an entire family could live off the income of ONE UNEDUCATED laborer.

Because of how expensive it is to finance Canada’s ever-growing PUBLIC SECTOR, it would be wise for a couple to have two working partners, to avoid going into bankruptcy.

A mental health crisis in Canada is fuelling billions in losses for employers |

Interesting times ahead!