Review – Is it a scam?

iThinkPanel found at is a market research company that will reward you simply for stating your thoughts and opinions on certain products and services. Market research companies like this are no longer new as they have been employed by many companies and big corporations for years to gather information from consumers that would help them in return to make sound marketing decision.

The website rewards users who are able to successfully complete surveys and other research tasks they agreed to comply with. In order to get started, you need to sign up in the website which is easy to accomplish and 100% free of charge.

More about iThinkPanel

Once you’ve signed up, iThinkPanel will send invitations to surveys and discussion groups to your email address. There’s no limit as to the number of surveys and discussion groups that you can join in. Once you’ve completed the task, iThinkPanel will send the result back to the company who will determine whether you have actually completed it.

Upon successful completion of the tasks, the website will award you with credits which you can redeem once it reaches $35 in credits. You can redeem it for rewards like Amazon and iTune gift cards, magazine subscriptions, and virtual currency like Farmville credits. You can also use it to donate to partner charities of iThinkPanel. All reward redemptions are completed between 3-4 weeks.

Final thoughts on is a good website to take part of these surveys. It’s a good site to join in especially if you want to make your time online productive. Aside from the fact that it gives out rewards for completion of research tasks, the site is also free to sign up with. iThinkPanel only has one request and that is to be honest and serious on the completion of these tasks. In fact, they place “attention questions” on their surveys to make sure that you aren’t placing random answers.

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