It’s a Hard Sell to get anyone in Canada to care about Lisa LaFlamme’s departure: Is CRTC the root cause of Canada’s Crappy Mainstream News? – August 29, 2022,



With the limited research, I was able to do regarding VIEWERSHIP related to CTV, it came to my attention that any PERCEIVED success of CTV appears to be based on the CTV machine; Lisa LaFlamme, when you look at the data, appears to be the beneficiary, of CTVs management team(s). Sure the numbers all around aren’t great, but if we accept these low overall viewership numbers to be the norm in Canada, the data shows if Lisa LaFlamme is retired, most viewers wouldn’t even NOTICE!

So from a business perspective, why should the people in charge of CTV spend a premium on Lisa LaFlamme during what appears to be a PERMANENT recession in Canadian mainstream media? The numbers you can view by clicking the link below show CTV being a top contender with quite a few different News television shows, which from a business perspective when forwarded to management, would be a simple decision to make.

Top Programs – Total Canada (English) August 1, 2022 – August 7, 2022

Understanding this report …
This chart shows the Top 30 TV programs for all national networks and Canadian English specialty networks for the week indicated. Programs are
ranked based on their AMA(000). AMA(000) is the average minute audience in thousands. The chart also indicates the broadcast outlet on which
the program aired and the program’s start and end time (shown in Eastern Time).

In most professions, the people in those professions live in their own bubble and imagine the world in a way that makes them FEEL comfortable, but if you take a step back and look at the numbers for what they are, nobody will care that she’s gone. A few years ago, the CBC fired Don Cherry, and as it relates to sports, CBC hasn’t taken much of a hit.

If Canadians are looking to watch sports, the narrator doesn’t appear to matter that much. Now obviously, the person in front of the camera can’t be TERRIBLE, but paying them a premium doesn’t appear to be a necessity and, therefore, from a business perspective, should be imagined as CHARITY. It would have been CHARITABLE to pay Lisa LaFlamme a PREMIUM salary, especially during a period in which mainstream media in Canada required a BAILOUT to be solvent.

Fake News or The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

I get it; small news organizations in Canada like to bash mainstream media for being so kind to the government in power, but, again, from a BUSINESS perspective, CTV has to operate within the RESTRICTIVE regulations of The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission(CRTC). a for-profit business will often go out of its way NOT to get flagged by its government regulator because if they do, its PROFITABILITY could be hit hard, potentially forcing them into bankruptcy or potentially NATIONALIZATION. 

I’ve argued that there’s a possibility that Canadian television SUCKS because of The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission(CRTC). I get it for someone as Liberty-minded as I am to be so kind to CTV might rub some people the wrong way, but I still love and believe in my country, and to be quite frank about things, in my opinion, the government of Canada is WAY to BIG.

Canadians are NOT bland; we’ve been TRAINED to be bland; if you’ve ever talked to a Canadian, there’s a lot of LIBERTY energy here, however similar to COMMUNIST countries, behaviors change when Canadians feel like they’re being MONITORED by their government. I brought up Don Cherry in this post, he said what was perceived to be the WRONG words on national television, and he was FIRED.

Now, let’s say you’re Don Cherry’s replacement. Does the boss even have to tell you what NOT to say? No, you will likely SELF-GOVERN to appease your CRTC masters. When I look at the BUSINESS decisions of CTV, I could make the argument that they’d be the FoxNews of Canada if they were allowed to operate outside of the auspice of the CRTC. I’ve listened to their political shows before, and there almost appears to be an INTENTIONAL and conscious effort to tame down the arguments to appease the CRTC.

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Now, this taming for a lot of their viewers comes across as HORRIBLY BIASED television, but I argue they tame it so as not to be flagged by the CRTC. Because yes, absolutely, especially when the Left Wingers in Canada, if they feel a DEBATE is not going their way, they will turn to the REGULATORS to get what they imagine as fair coverage.

It’s not a secret that Communism and ALL forms of Socialism only find success with CENSORSHIP BY CENSORING their opposition. The National Socialists in Germany were known for their CENSORSHIP of their opposition; in Communist China, the Chinese Communist Party consistently censors any dissenting view, in the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics(USSR), censorship allowed things in their country to GET really bad, and in Cuba their communist Federal government to this very day CENSORS people who oppose their Left Wing regime.

The spin people are trying to make regarding Lisa LaFlamme is silly, but I assume it works on some people, and we’ll have to see if helps her to get hired with the same salary somewhere else. Dumber things have happened in the history of the world, so nothing would surprise me at this point. In closing, if you ask me, Lisa LaFlamme was the BENEFICIARY of all the BEHIND-the-scenes work at CTV.

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Yes, I know about the corruption, but to date, I don’t see a strong enough movement in Canada to SHRINK the size of government; the current front runner for the Conservative Party of Canada, who prides himself on being a Conservative, supports Canada’s Communistic SUPPLY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

Pierre Poilievre will likely be heavily supported and DEMOCRACITICALLY elected by CONSERVATIVE supporters. The truth is, in Canada, the CRTC is a lot more POWERFUL than we give them credit for. CENSORSHIP changes everything; people tend to forget that Quebec secessionists have done a very good job in this country, SOCIALLY engineering the public to ACCEPT big government, to the point that in the face of immorality, most Conservative Canadians will turn a BLIND eye, thereby justifying DIRTY politics.

Where some people seek ENEMIES to destroy, I tend to fall back on the flaws in Democracy as pointed out by Socrates; it’s not that I’m against Democracy, but I think there needs to be a RETHINK on Western Democracy because I think our current Democratic model is OUTDATED! Canada has all sorts of authoritarian-type STRUCTURES, impeding LIBERTY; now, currently, there’s an economic downturn, and what annoys me the most is listening to what some people imagine as the solutions.

Justin Trudeau imposed a CARBON TAX? Because of the existing CENSORSHIP structures existing in Canada, we can’t have ONGOING serious and rigorous debates on how this carbon tax money is being spent. Wouldn’t that make for GREAT TELEVISION? How about Justin Trudeau’s many scandals? That would also make for great television.

Can you imagine how successful mainstream media in Canada would be if REAL DEBATES and discussions criticizing all POLITICAL parties and secession movements were allowed to happen without some insecure people calling up the CRTC to have the views of their opposition CANCELLED?

Now, I don’t know how Lisa LaFlamme would fair in a freer media market in Canada. Under these CONTROLLED conditions, it’s the people BEHIND the scenes looking at the metrics doing all of the hard work. Because as an example, if CTV is dominating news viewership at every timeslot, that could merely be that they’re meeting the DEMANDS of what people are looking for.

As an example, I hate watching CityTY, GlobalNews, the CBC, and CHCH, because there’s TOO MUCH FLUFF. On CTV, they tend to get straight to the point and avoid wasting countless minutes talking about crime or selling people on a narrative. CBC and CityTV I avoid because there could be long segments in which the news crew is trying to sell me on their ideology.

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CityTV could do 3-minute segments talking about ONE shooting, and they’ll repeat it over and over again; the CBC will do entire segments on the most DEPRESSING issues, in which they’re trying to sell someone reliant on the government dole as some sort of victim? Nobody in their right mind wants to watch that junk. Global News is INCONSISTENT at best, Global News is like a rudderless ship.

Now, with those options I wrote about in the prior paragraph, even with all their flaws, the CTV machine is the best option, and I’d give Lisa LaFlamme very little credit for it. I certainly wouldn’t pay her a premium for what she does because the way CTV STRUCTURES its news, it doesn’t waste time on issues it appears its viewers don’t care much about.

If you watch CTV News, it tends to be better structured, in comparison to their competition, and I think Lisa LaFlamme is merely the BENEFICIARY of that structure and NOT the captain of the ship. With that said, if she’s beloved, she’ll be fine! I hope in time; there will be a rethink of the CRTC!

Head of Bell says Lisa LaFlamme’s departure not related to age, gender or grey hair |

Interesting times ahead!