Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

It’s about time: Pierre Poilievre announces bid for Conservative Party leadership- Problems For Justin Trudeau and Maxime Bernier? – February 5, 2022,


Online Pierre Poilievre is a rockstar, his YouTube videos don’t even have any clickbait titles on them and Pierre Poilievre will still get thousands of views. He has a cult-like following, primarily because Pierre Poilievre doesn’t waste time FOCUSING on topics that most Canadians don’t think about. I’m sure Pierre Poilievre has opinions on a plethora of political topics, but his focus is on what matters to most Conservatives = THE ECONOMY!

Why Pierre Poilievre could be a problem for both Justin Trudeau and Maxime Bernier, is that the Conservatives have a real shot to beat Justin Trudeau if Pierre Poilievre is the leader of the Party. With Pierre Poilievre we’re talking about a potential serious Trudeau ass-whooping in regards to the popular vote. The Liberals have been rather strategic regarding how they’ve won elections, but Pierre Poilievre could realistically get 500,000 more votes than Justin Trudeau in an upcoming election.

Andrew Scheer got almost 200,000 more total votes than Justin Trudeau in 2019, I suspect Pierre Poilievre will shatter that number. Does this guarantee victory? No! But it sure makes an interesting headline. Pierre Poilievre actually has a very interesting life story to tell, and he’s likable. Swapping Justin Trudeau for Erin O’Toole felt wrong because Erin O’Toole didn’t engage with Conservatives, Conservatives didn’t get a chance to like him, yet he still beat Trudeau in regards to the popular vote?

It should be noted that Trudeau also attempted to buy votes, with CERB and debt deferrals, which didn’t result in any gains for Trudeau. So in the next election, will it feel the way it felt in Ontario when Kathleen Wynne lost her bid to become Premier? Doug Ford similar to Pierre Poilievre didn’t say much about anything except for economic issues.

There’s absolutely no reason for Pierre Poilievre to shift to Left. If he’s going to run he should trust his gut feeling that Canadians are looking for a leader. The Liberals have their faithful supporters as do the Conservatives, clearly the Conservative faithful outnumber the Liberals. The people in the middle tend to care more about conserving their way of life.

I’d argue Jagmeet Singh has been a very weak candidate, however, NDP support hasn’t fallen off a cliff? So will NDP voters jump to Trudeau’s aid if they feel he’s being threatened? I’m not sure, what about the Bloc Quebecois? Justin Trudeau is an open-borders Prime Minister, will Quebecois supporters rally to save Justin Trudeau? I don’t know!

What will be interesting if Pierre Poilievre leads the Conservatives will be Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada. We’ll find out if 800K+ voters really back the PPC or if most of those 2021 voters simply did not like Erin O’Toole? Pierre Poilievre will be a huge challenge for Maxime Bernier, who I think would be wise to focus his attention on defeating Justin Trudeau.

Pierre Poilievre could be the perfect person to help Maxime Bernier grow the People’s Party of Canada, the Reform Party disintegrated when times became challenging, I like to point out that the NDP is a Party the PPC should consider modeling in regards to growing Party support gradually. Maxime Bernier would be wise to seek out his successor(s) during the potential reign of Pierre Poilievre.

Canada is a very different country, money matters here, this country is cold and Canadians don’t want our economy to mirror Russia’s. We all have to contribute to the maintenance of this country and we know the welfare state won’t cut it. Pierre Poilievre in my opinion might be granted a gift because inflation is going to be a huge problem in Canada for the next few years.

The Bank of Canada has no interest in battling inflation with interest rate hikes, meaning that Canadians are going to get poorer for the next 2+ years. If Pierre Poilievre leads the Conservatives, Justin Trudeau won’t want to call an early election, meaning that Trudeau is going to have to own this economy. People have short memories and covid-19 is about to become yesterday’s news, meaning The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and debt deferrals will be ancient history in the minds of voters

Because Trudeau more than likely won’t call an early election, Pierre Poilievre will have more than a year to look and sound like the next Prime Minister of Canada. With that said, Pierre Poilievre will have to be the leader of the party, there are a lot of Liberal-Lites in upper management of the Conservative Party, who may try to influence Pierre Poilievre to broaden his appeal.

I think Conservative voters will be more forgiving to Pierre Poilievre than they were to Erin O’Toole, but Pierre shouldn’t abuse his base, because Maxime Berner is lurking. Anyway, the Conservative Party will be getting a lot of attention in the next few years and Pierre Poilievre should mentally prepare himself for all sorts of non-stop left-wing attacks.

Pierre Poilievre announces bid for Conservative Party leadership |

Interesting times ahead!