The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

It’s not Omicron fault: Canada lost 200,000 jobs in January 2022 Justin Trudeau’s Tyrannical Response to Omicron variant proven ineffective, US economy adds 467,000 jobs in January 2022 – February 4, 2022

Justin Trudeau’s current response to the Omicron variant is creating economic damage Canadians have never seen before. Viruses kill people, tyrannical governments destroy jobs, it’s now becoming more difficult for Canadians to leave the country, it’s one thing to say these are the rules and regulations to enter into Canada, it’s something else to say you can’t travel using a plane unless you obey Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical mandates.

Currently, in Canada, we have something called a “freedom convoy” because Justin Trudeau wants to force truckers to obey him when they leave Canada and when they come back. Based on what I know, most truckers do not own their own trucks in Canada, meaning that the current truckers protest would be at least twice as large as it is now, had more truckers in Canada been 100% self-employed.

Trudeau’s mandates have led to economic hardships and record levels of debt. Justin Trudeau has spent more money than all the previous Prime ministers in Canadian history COMBINED. Making matters worse Justin Trudeau is also making the cost of living artificially higher with carbon taxes and covid-19 mandates, meaning that it will cost taxpayers more money, time, and labour to pay down the debt created by Justin Trudeau.

January jobs report could show omicron caused first steep decline in payrolls in more than a year |

Let’s stop blaming Omicron for job losses, Omicron is not the prime minister, Omicron creates sickness and in rare instances death, Justin Trudeau is in charge of the economy. If Omicron caused job losses, America wouldn’t be gaining jobs while Canada losses jobs. By the way Canada has far fewer people than the United States, the U.S gained almost 500,000 jobs Canada lost 200,000 jobs, America has almost 330 million people Canada has 38 million people? The numbers don’t match, clearly, the leader of Canada is doing something wrong!

The US economy added 467,000 jobs in January – significantly better than expected. CNN’s Christine Romans breaks down why.

January jobs report crushes expectations |

Let’s stop blaming Omicron for job losses! JOB LOSSES are the result of government tyranny coming straight from Ottawa!

Canada lost 200,000 jobs in January as Omicron hit hard |

Interesting times ahead!