Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

It’s The Economy Stupid: Tories thought they needed a centrist to win. The polls in Canada disagree – June 29, 2022,

My theory of Canadian politics goes something like this, the Conservative Party is best suited to be the Party that focuses on MONEY, Economics, and Financial Education. Sounds like a recipe for disaster you argue? I disagree, I personally think when it comes to putting social issues FIRST the NDP and Liberals have those bases covered.

In my world, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to teach anyone about economics, freedom, and LIBERTY if they DO NOT have financial education, why? Because most Canadians whether it’s the media or the school system have been brainwashed by Left-Wing ideologues, so for them it’s hard to make the connection of imagining a world WITHOUT a Big Government.

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True Blue Conservatives do everything in their power to stay as far away from the government as possible. We follow the laws, including the ones we disagree with, and instead focus on RAISING our voices and making our OPINIONS loud and clear. Now, all Conservatives have their own UNIQUE forms of Conservatism, personally, my entire economic philosophy revolves around SOCRATES and his disagreement with DEMOCRACY


I personally think the ancient Greek had it right all along and if we’d adhere to his advice, instead of trying attempting to reach people when they’re adults, we educate them when they’re YOUNG about the FLAWS of democracy. What’s the flaw in Democracy if you’re a Conservative, Left Wing politicians can OPENLY and frequently lie to voters and sell their lies in a COHARAHANT manner, that ignorant voters imagine is the truth.

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In the United States currently, Joe Biden goes on stage and attempts to sell Americans on “Putin’s Price Hikes” Now, to every Conservative on the planet, we know this is B.S, Joe Biden, just like Justin Trudeau declared WAR on fossil fuels and his short-sighted vision has caused the COST of drilling oil to rise, furthermore Oil is traded on the FUTURES markets and if the FUTURE of oil looks grim, and only small amount of risk-takers who can handle the downturn are going to take the RISKS associated with investing in Fossil Fuels the U.S government claims it’s going to PHASE OUT!

Now if so many people in Canada and America were NOT brainwashed by the media and their school system, our DEMOCRACY would not only see through this B.S but many would be able to invest and profit from it. Currently, as an example, the Bond market is already pricing in where it believes central bank interest rates will stop rising and begin falling, why because the financially educated know when something is UNSUSTAINABLE!

So why then do Conservative think tanks waste time trying to attract Left Wingers, many of whom would rather stay home and NOT vote rather than vote for the Conservative Party? I can’t answer that question. What I can answer is the reason why I believe Conservative leadership frontrunner Pierre Poilievre is currently beating everyone else.

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When Stephen Harper beat Paul Martin, his team spent months talking about CUTTING the GST, Now, I remind Canadians that there were Liberal scandals with the Jean Chretien, and Paul Martin Liberals, but Canadians didn’t care, Stephen Harper merely bought his time, and because the Liberals were engaging in Austerity, Stephen Harper capitalized on it and said well, I’m going to LOWER the GST?

Stephen Harper on the slogan got MY ATTENTION, the Liberals in that time were cutting services but CONSUMER taxes were still high, Stephen Harper said I’ll cut your taxes, music to people’s EARS, and people tend to forget that it was the Liberal Party of Canada who first cut Corporate taxes, it’s worked so well, that you rarely hear Justin Trudeau talking about raising taxes, but Justin Trudeau is using the insidious tax, which is the INFLATION tax.

Well, Conservative leadership frontrunner Pierre Poilievre gave that a label “Just-In-Flation”. Why waste time on social issues, when it’s clearly the economy stupid? Sure for people like myself, I can see Liberals coming for my liberties and Freedoms, but what about people who consider people like me as WEIRD? These types might look at the Emergencies Act as a way to help the people of Ottawa, and they’ll convince themselves that Justin Trudeau was justified in his actions to freeze the Bank Accounts of the unruly.

Why waste time on Immigration matters? Are Canadians worried about immigration or are they worried about the VIOLENT and welfare-loving immigrants that Trudeau is bringing to Canada? Whereas Maxime Bernier makes it part of his Party platform to talk about Immigration, most Conservatives aren’t worried about IMMIGRATION per see they’re worried about the people being brought to Canada.

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Poor people require government assistance, so if you KNOW this, why not focus on enriching Canadians? An enriching, uplifting message is enough, I said before although I disagree with a lot of Doug Ford’s policies, his campaigns to date have been a pure genius, simply IGNORE the social demands, remind yourself that the far left is TINY, FRINGE minority, most people align with Left-Wing ideals, mostly because they’ve been brainwashed.

How do you, un-brainwash people? simple repeat the same mantra, shrink government as much as you can and accept the reality that one day you’re going to lose, so in the meantime EDUCATE your voters and EDUCATE your followers about MONEY, finances, and the economy, Freedoms, and Liberties. Let the media and other left-wing think tanks do what they’re going to do, and instead focus on pushing your agenda with the same fierceness the Left Wingers push theirs.

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Interesting times ahead!