The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

It’s Time Doug Ford and the OPP Speak Out Against Justin Trudeau’s Negligence: Police clear out border blockade as Ottawa seeks deal with convoy to start rolling – February 14, 2022,

For obvious economic reasons both Doug Ford(current Premier of Ontario) Mayor of Windsor Drew Dilkens are using their resources to remove protestors from blocking a privately owned bridge. Like it or not the Ambassador Bridge is privately owned and it’s for this reason that I have a different point of view regarding it. With that said, this is actually a Justin Trudeau-created problem that Doug Ford got stuck with the task of cleaning up.
Now, I’m not sure why Doug Ford hasn’t taken a neutral stance on the topic, but this is why Toronto liked Rob Ford and didn’t have the same affection for Doug Ford. There are times when Doug Ford appears to be running around like a chicken with his head cut off. The economic situation could become dire for Ontario if the Ambassador Bridge remained in the State it was prior, but this was also an opportunity for Doug Ford to seize the moment and call out Justin Trudeau for his negligence on this issue.

So far all Justin Trudeau has done has been to hurl insults at the peaceful protestors, and I don’t see why any politician in Canada finds this type of behavior acceptable? Justin Trudeau is losing favor with the public for his ridiculous stance on the topic, some are calling for him to step down, you have to understand that this “Freedom Convoy” protest is spreading WORLDWIDE, this is something that will haunt Justin Trudeau in the grave.

It’s one thing for a “Freedom Convoy” to be a Canadian problem when it goes worldwide, history is going to have to explain how it all started and more than likely future politicians will be trained on what NOT to do when peaceful protestors they don’t agree with stage a protest they don’t agree with.

Ambassador Bridge reopens after police clear protesters |

You don’t just ignore a peaceful protest and this is why Doug Ford would be wise to reconsider his current stance because he gains nothing standing with a tyrant. The Ambassador Bridge is privately owned, Ontario doesn’t have the luxuries of Nova Scotia, Quebec, or Britsh Colombia if we lose out manufacturing its game over, I comprehend that Doug Ford is trying to save Ontario jobs, but now that he’s solved his number one problem, he needs to call out Justin Trudeau so we can solve this problem.

What Justin Trudeau is doing is a national embarrassment, it’s extremely expensive and completely unnecessary, look at all the wasted public services being hurled at solving this problem that could have been used elsewhere. Trudeau could have nipped this in the bud by at least meeting with the protestors, public opinion would have long since shifted had Trudeau had the courage to meet with people he doesn’t agree with.

Doug Ford now knowing that his economic problem has been neutralized needs to call out Justin Trudeau for reckless and irresponsible handling of the Freedom Convoy.

Police clear out border blockade as Ottawa seeks deal with convoy to start rolling |

Interesting times ahead!