I Web Marketing Review Is It a Scam

Many times you have to be careful whenever you use these traffic services as many of them give you low quality traffic. What I find with these companies many times is that they don’t share where they are getting their traffic from to the customer. This often allows scam companies to come into this market and get away with it. This is why i take some time out of my day to review these products. Main reason is i was once where you are looking for ways to drive targeted traffic to my websites and I couldn’t find any non bias reviews about anything traffic related, god has blessed me i am no internet guru but i made vow that I would do my part to make the internet a better place. anyway enough with the “mushy mushy” stuff

I Web Marketing’s Presentation

I can appreciate the fact that I Web marketing tells the customer where they get their traffic from. The date is april 11 2010 and if you check I Web Marketing’s FAQ section it clearly states this can found at http://www.i-web-marketing.com/faq.htm

Q: Where does the traffic come from?

A: We use desktop media, which is bundled with free software offers, to deliver advertisements directly to users.  Your site is delivered as a full page advertisement only when the user visits a site similar to the target category you choose.

they even take it a step farther

Q: Are these Banner Impressions?

A: No. These are real people visiting your site. The visitors are exposed to your web page and your  offer, not to a tiny banner or mini pop-up. We     deliver the traffic to you. It’s up to you to sell your product or service to them.

That’s one of the most common scams in this industry is companies use traffic exchanges and other free traffic schemes to increase traffic to your website. although not all of them do this many are guilty of doing this. The customer usually has no way of finding out because the company does not disclose any information about how or where they get their traffic from. When doing business online i don’t recommend giving your money away out of sheer curiosity. When it comes to traffic you want to know exactly where that traffic is coming from.

A brief bit of information about how to increase traffic to your website from a different perspective

The internet is an ocean of money if you see it from the right angle. Giving stuff away free is an excellent and easy way to drive traffic to your website and also make sales. If you go to this section of my website http://richinwriters.com/installers/ you will notice that we do installations and web development many of my clients want software built and then they give it away free online. Why you ask well people love things that are free. What’s the catch? the catch is with free also comes advertisements.

Now i can create “check making script”(example) and sell it for $100 but then someone might come along and duplicate my script and then sell it for $50 with better features. But… If i create this check making script and give it away free with an advertisements that cheap delivery on checks worldwide what do you think might happen???this is purely an example but my point is sometimes you got to give a little to get allot.  i only say this because of what was mentioned on the I Web Marketing FAQ section.

If you hope to increase traffic to your websites in the long term you might want to look at the bigger picture. increasing traffic to your website is not complicated if you can find the right market this is also where i would recommend you look into some form of training in google adwords, msn adcenter or yahoo search marketing as this can help quickly boost traffic to your website in the long term. Business is coming online especially with our worlds economic conditions at an alarming rate so if you want to capitalize on this i recommend looking into some form of Pay Per Click Marketing training.

Final Analysis of I-Web-Marketing.com

although i would never use them personally they seem legit i would highly recommend you sign up for a Google Analytics account before signing up for I-web-Marketing.com just so you can view the traffic for yourself. Also I would like to hear you experience with them so others can know what to expect. From my view it looks legit but one can never be too sure.

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