jaaxy.com Review

Majority of the releases made by Kyle and Carson have always had some  form of value to them in the general sense. However the age of “beating adwords and “who loves money” are not as valuable as they once we’re. When I see jaaxy.com I can’t help but think about the similarities it has to Market Samurai. The major difference being however is that Market Samurai doesn’t have a monthly fee attached to it.

Can I tell you a secret about SEO?

A secret about SEO that is easy for everyone to learn and implement is that Google will reward you if you’re website or blog gets a reputation for delivering unique content. Google is not perfect but for myself Google has always found a way to reward me for writing unique articles and that’s true where ever I write my articles or make my posts. I know most of you reading this won’t believe me when I tell you this but there really isn’t no big secret about making money or making money on Google for that matter. The truth is hard work pays off.

The only real secret that most people are ignoring is… and most of you wealthy affiliate members should already know this…

“The secret is in the mailing list”

Final thoughts on Jaaxy.com

I find it really interesting that Kyle and Carson have somehow evolved into SEO experts being that they initially claimed a few years back that the money was in pay per click and email marketing. I’m sure Jaaxy.com will be a big hit among wealth affiliate members I just feel as though wealthy affiliate is making online wealth creation more complicated than it needs to be.

Hey, How many of you want to write a blog post and article per day in hopes that Google might find you and reward you with traffic? The money is in the list folks! That being said I give jaaxy.com 2.5 out 5. Personally I’ve been using Market Samurai for years now and there’s no monthly cost so I think i’ll stick with that. Jaaxy.com has some value but nothing that sticks out to me.

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