Jack Dorsey Who Fights For His Right To Suppress Free Speech On His Platform appears dedicating his life to make Bitcoin accessible to everyone – June 5, 2021,

I found it interesting that both Jack Dorsey and Ron Paul showed up for the Bitcoin 2021 convention. Being that Jack Dorsey is anti-free-speech, I wonder why he’d be interested in Bitcoin. Maybe the technology intrigues him or maybe it’s because he’s an investor in Bitcoin and will make an absolute killing if the price of Bitcoin appreciates, I’m not entirely sure, but I find Jack Dorsey in general to be at best a very confused and weak human being, who has made more money than most of us could ever imagine.

So why then does Jack Dorsey feel the need to suppress freedom of speech and pick the winners and the losers on his platform? A lot of people believe in this greater good theory, I’m not sure if Jack Dorsey is one of those types or maybe he’s convinced himself that we little people don’t know how hard it is to run a multi-billion dollar social media empire.

I can’t speak on behalf of Jack Dorsey or Ron Paul, but clearly, Ron Paul’s words regarding Bitcoin resonated throughout the Bitcoin community. Ron Paul similar to myself does not believe in Legal Tender laws and similar to my own beliefs believes that any form of money has a right to exist. I like Bitcoin because it has the potential o destroy the financial regulations industry, but also because it’s awakened a lot of people up to the worthlessness of fiat money.

Now, just being honest if the fiat system crashes, it’s unlikely that I would voluntarily use Bitcoin as it’s constructed now. Because Bitcoin is a derivative of technology and I personally think the mining process to create bitcoins silly, I see Bitcoin as a means to destroy the credibility of the fiat system, but I still see Bitcoin as reliant on the fiat monetary system.

enjoy being wrong however and if Bitcoin can be more than what I see it as now, I might in time be a true believer in bitcoin being money. By the way, I don’t think fiat money is real money either, I see fiat money as a coupon in giant warehouse with an expiry date not yet released. I see Gold as money, but I also see many other commodities as being potential uses for money.

As a Canadian, my countries fiat currency is imagined in the forex markets as a petro-dollar, the decentralized forex markets also puts into account the political and social stability of my country as well my countries respect for property rights. Now, the reality of the situation is that had there been no legal tender laws, my country could have several currencies tied to real commodities raw or finished.

As is the case with cryptocurrencies there would eventually be the most widely used currency in Canada and most likely that or those top used Canadian currencies would be available for trade-in forex markets, in time some private currencies would have international adaption.

Now, obviously why governments would hate a system like this is because it would make taxation more complicated for a government and a government would have to justify why it should tax particular individuals and the government would therefore have to have its method of taxation, which as is the case now, would cause some people to abandon wealth that could be taxed.

As I like to point out to everyone, a market economy IS INHERENTLY DEFLATIONARY inflation in a real market economy comes as the result of INNOVATIONS that make people’s lives better. As an example, my Macbook makes my life better, my iPhone makes my life better, the internet makes my life better, even the centralized water system makes my life better.

Now, for my standard of living to remain where it is, I would be willing to give up a portion of my earnings and donate these earnings to the people and entities who help me to enjoy my standard of living. Currently, Bitcoin which I own does nothing for my standard of living, it’s merely a digital asset that has the potential to appreciate in value next to fiat dollars, which we currently all are forced to use to maintain our standard of living.

But if the fiat money system crashed, I don’t see any value of Bitcoin as of today’s date? Just being honest, I’ve never really seen much if any value in Twitter that can’t be replaced in a free market. The rising cost of living is the number factor that keeps Twitter’s competition at bay. Now if Jack Dorsey owns a lot of Bitcoin and the price of bitcoin in fiat dollars continues to rise, Jack Dorsey has already shown that he will use his wealth and his platform to silence his opposition.

This coincides with why I don’t believe in the “Greater Good” theory, these greater good types are usually the most greedy, the most power-hungry, the evilest, and the most diabolical. The free market stomps out dictators, throughout history when the richest of society felt their fortunes threatened, they’ve usually run to the government/ power source with a military to come up with in the modern era would be considered a corporatist scheme to protect them.

Both Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk are heavily reliant on these carbon tax corporatist schemes. If you listen to most top-tier investors, who are now investing in Bitcoin, they’re talking about the creation of Green Bitcoins, which in actuality are like regulations or minimum wages for Bitcoin = You can’t make a bitcoin unless it easy mined in the manner the government or the corporatists demand it’s mined?

How does that align with freedom, suppose the miners are mining with the intention that with the profits they mined could be used to start their own green business? Now, those good miners might be regulated out of the bitcoin mining industry, which basically means that corporatists like Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk have complete control over the greater good narrative.

People have to remember that most of the best ideas came from some dude living in their parents’ basement, well, with every passing day, buying or even renting a home because of these greater good corporatists is becoming out of reach for the average person, which means that the people who could be making our lives better are suffering because of the Jack Dorsey types who leave them without a voice or a prayer.

By the way, Jack Dorsey was heckled at the Bitcoin 2021 convention, I don’t know any freedom-loving person who could genuinely like Jack Dorsey. A real freedom-loving person doesn’t put profits ahead of freedom, I donate my time writing these posts that maybe one person can comprehend what freedom means. Jack Dorsey has the platform to wake up billions of people from all parts of the world to what true freedom is, instead Jack Dorsey prefers playing God and picking winners and losers.

That’s fine, that’s his right, but again, this is why for me if the fiat system crashes, I’m not getting into bed with Bitcoin, because as it stands now, Bitcoin is being taken over by corporatists, which for Bitcoiners seeking fiat capital appreciation (which make up the majority) is a great thing!

Interesting times ahead