The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Jagmeet Singh continues to alienate Quebec: NDP stresses universal pharmacare pledge, is this the end of Jagmeet Singh’s political career? – August 27, 2021,

The NDP which is Canada’s socialist political party doesn’t appear to comprehend MARKETS. ICBC is the perfect example of NDP incompetence. Nationalize auto insurance, what could go wrong?

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is a provincial Crown corporation in British Columbia created in 1973 by the NDP government of Premier Dave Barrett.

The NDP approaches economics from a top-down approach, but they forget that there’s a separatist movement in Quebec. I’m not pro Quebec separation, but I do wish there was a Separatist Conservative Party, because we do all the heavy lifting in this country and even if we had a separatist party just for political leverage, as long it leaned towards free markets, I’d be on board.

I like to observe the Bloc Quebecois because they’ve imagined what separatism looks like, it’s a real thing in their minds, and achieving separation is beside the point, they will not be bullied. Furthermore, the Bloc Quebecois is standing in Justin Trudeau’s way of open borders, something I assume Jagmeet Singh would want if he were elected.

So I don’t know what Jagmeet Singh is trying to accomplish, the NDP voter s the most susceptible to joining the People’s Party of Canada, I like to point out that the late Jack Layton, understood markets, I disagreed with his politics, but Jack Layton wasn’t an idiot, his base was the WORKING class, not the WELFARE class.

I always like to remind people that people on Welfare do not pay their fair share, people who consume more from the government than they produce, do not pay their fair share to Canadian society. The NDP initially was for the worker and getting the working class an above-market wage, being that Canada’s working-class because of Pro-Labour-Union politics has been shrinking, the NDP has dissolved into the Political Party of Welfare.

a white male employee might be labeled a racist by the modern NDP, Jagmeet Singh has repeatedly called white people in Canada racist simply because they disagree with his political ideology. Quebec has a lot of white people and they’re unique in Canada which for a Big government person like Jagmeet Singh who seeks to strip us of our individual liberties is a sign of bad things to come if he were to become PM.

Maybe there’s a method to his madness, but for now, Jagmeet Singh doesn’t appear to have any clear strategy to putting a dent in the 2021 election which is bad for him because if he doesn’t do better in this election then he did in the last election, his days as leader of the NDP might be numbered.

Just a quick reminder that the reason the Liberals don’t touch Pharmacare is because of Quebec. Conservatives in Canada can pretend forming a separatist Party doesn’t work all they want, but Quebec doesn’t even think about their budget, and that’s all thanks to the Bloc Quebecois. Will Western Canada see the light?

I live in Ontario, I will be voting for Maxime Bernier(via my riding), I hope Maxime wins Beauce and Maxime Bernier has stated that he doesn’t support separatism, but he does support freedom, meaning it’s a debate I believe he should be willing to have if he wants his Party to be successful in the long term.

If Maxime Bernier wins Beauce, it’s a very real possibility that the Conservative Party machine loses in 4 years. I have the Conservatives winning this election and nothing would be more powerful than for the Conservatives to win the 2021 election and Maxime Bernier wins Beauce. What an opportunity for Canada!

NDP stresses universal pharmacare pledge, looking to distinguish party from Liberals |

Interesting times ahead