Jagmeet Singh: I’m going to lead NDP into the 2019 federal election

I gotta say, watching the video below was rather depressing and boring. It appears Justin Trudeau has made the New Democrat Party irrelevant in 2019. I believe South Asians are the largest demographic in Canada and many of their voting patterns appear to left-leaning and almost racist based on my observations on the provincial voting patterns in the Greater Toronto area, but that aside, I see the NDP possibly having some difficulty in the upcoming election, not so much because Jagmeet Singh is Sikh, but because Justin Trudeau basically made their party irrelevant. Please watch the video below and ask yourself who is the better POLITICIAN Jagmeet Singh or Justin Trudeau?

When questions about “White Supremacy” were thrown Jagmeet Singh’s way you can tell he had to gather himself together. Yes, Jagmeet Singh when you’re the leader of a country regardless of how you look, people are going to call you racist. Barack Obama was called racist by White and Black people when you’re the leader of a nation you get asked stupid questions, white politicians didn’t become snowflakes overnight, many of them had to adjust, to the buffoonery of the media, which of course is why Justin Trudeau is our current prime minister. Justin Trudeau is the embodiment of snowflake culture, it’s why when most people see him they cringe. Sure you and Justin Trudeau know boxing and Mixed Martial Arts but neither one of you are man enough to tell the people like it is, you’re a Leftist politician I get it, you have to pretend to not to be a totalitarian.

All that aside, what’s going to be very interesting to me is this upcoming election, I expect the South Asian Supremacists to vote for Jagmeet Singh no matter what, the question is, what about the other people, I’ve met south Asians that are all in on the Canadian multi-cultural experiment who will vote based on their personal beliefs I also know that there are a lot of Leftist that will be scared to vote NDP in fear of Justin Trudeau losing to Andrew Scheer. As an individual who will be voting for Maxime Bernier, I’ll be waiting to see if or when he starts to resonate with Conservative voters because for me the race I’ll be paying closest attention too is Jagmeet Singh vs. Maxime Bernier. Personally, I don’t think neither Jagmeet Singh or Maxime Bernier will win the upcoming election, but I personally anticipate Maxime finishing third in the upcoming 2019 Federal election.

Which means the NDP would drop to fourth, now below is a video of former NDP leader Tom Mulcair, strutting his fake Marxist smile.

The above video talks about Burnaby South(British Columbia) and the panel knows like I know that if Jagmeet Singh who is from Toronto, by the way, loses it’s Trudeau or nothing for 90% of Leftists, this by the way if people are wondering is why I think Justin Trudeau will win the upcoming election. If the Burnaby South riding is a close win for Jagmeet Singh the NDP knows the Federal election is lost. British Colombia is pretty left-leaning, I often laugh about the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, LMAO, come on that’s hilarious a crown corporation for Auto Insurance LMAO! What could go wrong? LMAO!!!

Anyway, I say this because B.C is pretty darn progressive, pretty left and the moods and attitudes in British Colombia are pretty snowflakey as well, so Jagmeet Singh can’t win there, which is why they put him there, because in Ontario or Toronto where he’s from, I mean yeah, we got snowflakes here too, but it’s also a lot colder here, so I mean you can be a snowflake all you want, but when it gets cold outside and those bills start to pile up, sleeping outside is less of an option for most of us.

So, for obvious reasons they sent Jagmeet Singh to British Columbia or what might be in the future “Columbia” or some other name that doesn’t offend people, if they send Jagmeet Singh there, this snowflake paradise and yes I’m intentionally stringing you along so you get the point I’m trying to make, if Jagmeet Singh doesn’t win in Burnaby South, the NDP knows they’re going to lose a whole bunch of seats in the upcoming Federal election.

Make no mistake about it, this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the NDP if he loses, it just means that there’s a possibility that the Greens might replace the NDP in time. I don’t think Leftists understand what Justin Trudeau has done to the Liberal party of Canada, he’s gone so far left, that honestly, I tend to forget the NDP even exists, I actually think Jagmeet Singh is the best thing to happen to the NDP, because at the very least he’s a visible minority and a lot of racist Canadians that share his ethnicity will vote for him because he looks like them.

So, although I personally think Justin Trudeau will not only win the election in 2019 but also make the NDP irrelevant I don’t mind being wrong, it’s not like I like either the NDP, the Liberals or the Conservatives. I will, however, call it as I see it, I’m voting for Maxime Bernier but I genuinely can’t wait to see the mood of the country, the economic crash is going to happen whether my guy wins or not, the crash is etched in stone, what I’m unsure of is who will be the leader? I’m not ashamed to say that I’d prefer Justin Trudeau winning over Andrew Scheer, I say this comfortably, I remember Brian Mulroney, he took all the blame for the disasters Pierre Trudeau created.

He could have reversed everything Pierre Trudeau did, but he was too scared, he was too moderate, Brian Mulroney gave us the GST, he was part of the Conservative Party of Canada, he created the tax to Conserve Pierre Trudeau’s socialist utopia, he pissed all Conservatives off and that’s what created Jean Chrétien and Paul Martins free market Corporatist Liberals. Being that Justin Trudeau is an economic moron, his cabinet is inadvertently destroying the economy that saved his dads Utopia, Pierre Trudeau was a genius leaving politics before the disaster he created blew up in his face. I’d love it if the Canadian economy crashes under Justin Trudeau’s watch.

Nothing would make me happier, to wake up one morning and realize that the Canadian economy is in shambles, I’ll say to myself it’s about damn time. All these price controls, all these hard-working Canadians in debt, look what we’re doing to our youth straddling them with all these debts, You EVIL, DEMONIC, Leftist Baby Boomers are going to pay for all of this, I hope all these youth defaults on their loans, how dare you, do this to our future generations, Million dollar 3 bedroom homes? Useless College diplomas? How dare you! the crash is happening the defaults already started and quite frankly for me going forward it’s Maxime Bernier or nothing! Fuck you to all you Andrew Scheer Conservatives, I’m actually more frustrated with you, then I am with Leftists because at the very least Leftist are usually ignorant of what’s happening, it’s you Andrew Scheer Conservatives that annoy me the most. Anyway, I’ll be watching the Burnaby South riding.

Interesting times ahead.