Is Jay z Illuminati

Could JayZ one of the greatest rappers of all time be apart of this Illuminati every bodies talking about. It’s funny how one person could have such an effect. The first time I heard this story was from WorldStar I found it quite interesting at first, actually I found it more entertaining than anything.

My first guess was this must of been a marketing strategy on the part of Jay Z because this information came out around the same time Jigga’s album was about to drop, & these rumors have been swirling since the mobb deep beef days. In the streets I would hear people openly say jay Z was the devil, i’m sure it’s worse now but people keep saying Illuminati and masons.

Is The World Controlled by Masons

Personally I believe masons exist and ARE controlling the world because I mean many people deep down don’t believe in God which means they are bound by No Laws whatsoever, My opinion on the matter is Jay Z is possibly an atheist many people are & many people are and don’t even know it.

If your not part of an organized religion by definition you are an atheist look up the word “theism” and you’ll understand what I mean. So to me that’s how I look at Jay Z I found the story told by Professor Griff to be a bit disrespectful. Especially concerning Kayne’s mom, Aaliyah and the others he mentioned. Because he had no proof to back up such ridiculous accusations and I mean these people are dead why would you go there why say names like that.

Is Jay-Z Feeling on top of the world

Back on the topic of Jay Z I would be very flattered if I was him because if you really think about look at the measures people have to take to dethrone the guy. 50 Cent who I do find entertaining at times has been trying to get a Jay Z for some years now. Recently he’s hooked up with Beanie Sigel should be interesting how that turns out. Somebody needs to tell 50 cent that his music sucks and the fact that rapper Rick Ross after all what he did to him is still standing shows that his(50 cents) music needs work.

Fiddy wants to get at Jay Z T Pain wanted to get at Jay Z shoot every bodies trying to hate on Jay Z which goes to show you Jay Z has to go down as one of if not thee greatest rapper of all time, I mean people are asking is Jigga Illuminati if you step back and think about it as an adult you would see how dumb that sounds.

Reason: well who cares if he is, If you really feel that way stop listening to his music – anytime you see him turn your back cover your ears. Whats so hard about that. I’m sure those that believe Jigga is Illuminati will come up with every excuse in the book why they are interested in what jiggaman is doing.

Are We Or am I Just hating on the Jigga Man

Sometimes I feel like people will find anyway they can to be a hater. If you dont have any reason just make one up, people cant find any weakness is Jay Z’s rap game so find other things to hit the brother with. I feel like people should find more constructive things to do with there time like if you really feel like there’s an evil Illuminati out there why aren’t you doing anything to stop it why talk about it when you can be about it – or do something to bring this supposed element down. I mean the reality is if there is an Illuminati these Illuminati people are only human so why don’t you Anti- Illuminati people do something to stop them.

Oh yea because your scared these Illuminati people will hurt you. Well if thats the case why bother saying anything lol just keep your beliefs to yourselves I dunno but anyway I found this youtube video below which has been making the most buzz check it out tell me what you think about it.

[youtube id=”iX-xVN0xERk” w=”425″ h=”344″]

[youtube id=”I7WKOnPdn44″ w=”425″ h=”344″]